Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: "I'm Dreaming of a Red Halloween"

This week Mary asked for some shots of our Halloween decorations with red in them.

I got a bit carried away since Halloween is my favorite holiday. No gifts - just candy. No family drama - just costumes. No cooking - just fun.

Visit my good friend Mary for more Ruby Halloween and all other wonderful things RED.

This is Wanda the Witch Ho - she's my favorite. Years of night flying have made her a bit batty so we need to anchor her otherwise she doesn't last through the season.
From RubyHalloween

A close-up of Wanda - I like the foliage reflection in the window.
From RubyHalloween

Here's Wanda and her little pal. They really want to ride in the big red truck.
From RubyHalloween

This is Apple Annie. She stays away from Wanda. Notice Annie has a big stick up her ...
From RubyHalloween

Annie takes on a sweeter look for her close-up.
From RubyHalloween

Here's the pimp of the group. Red Nose Rudy. Notice how the black bats make the mums look like they're growing wings.
From RubyHalloween

This is our Neighbor.
From RubyHalloween

Rudy really is such a Red Nose!
From RubyHalloween

This is Wanda's head shot from when she tried out for a Halloween cartoon.
From RubyHalloween

Here's another shot of Wanda and her little friend. I thought I'd give you a peek at my exciting metropolis street. Isn't the action stimulating?
From RubyHalloween

and last but never least - Wanda was telling people how thrilled she was to be spending Halloween on a NJ lawn. Notice how her nose grew.
From RubyHalloween

If you're in the neighborhood on Halloween just come on up to the side door. Plenty of tricks - and treats for all.


Hilary said...

Fun stuff.. you can come decorate my place anytime!

Now I can't get this song out of my mind.. "I Wanda Wanda Wanda Wanda Ho.. Ho wrote the Book of Looove." ;)

Pia K said...

My favourite is Red Nose Rudy, he's cute and looks like a friendly, happy thing:)

The neighbour thing was really scary, very Stephen King "It", me and my imagination wouldn't want to live beside one of those...;)

Have a good RT!

Raven said...

I LOVE your decorations! They are so cool. Your neighbor scares me, though. I don't have anything here. I had something on the door last year but I don't know where it is anymore. Halloween is my friend Dan's favorite holiday. He decorated my house inside last year. When I first moved here, - don't know why I'm telling this story - I saw a white blobby plastic thing at the house above me and, not being very bright, kept wondering why they had a plastic snowman out in October. I eventually realized that it was a ghost. Their cat had an unreleting war with it and I'd see her sitting happily by it's deflating body. End of boring story. Love your photos.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

love those big red lips.

Tammy said...

I'd have nightmares with that clown next to me! LOL

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great pics! I love all of your yard friends!

Dianne said...

hilary - that's a great song!! a classic even LOL
I love to decorate.

pia - yep Rudy is a good guy :)
the neighbor thing is even creepier at night!! when I pull into my driveway my lights hit it and it just leers at me!!

raven - I like the story of the snowman/ghost who was killed by the cat LOL
there's a Halloween fable in there - you should expand it

queen size funny bone - and they're natural!! no collagen LOL

tammy - they have a 2 year old who looks at it and laughs. nothing scares this kid - she's a delight!!

RLL - thanks!! Wanda is the oldest and she's my girl. some of the others are from my DIL's childhood. I love decor with history :)
are you going to decorate the new place for Halloween?

ellen b said...

You found some great reds and I love the effects you used to change things up! Have a great week...

Kay said...

Yay for decorations! Boo for horrible clowns!


Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
your lot turned out to be quit likeable. Didn't scare me a bit.
I thin I well can identify with Wanda the witch.
Just tell me, where do this bunch stay the rest of the year?
From Felisol

Daryl said...

"Annie" could be the momma of that little Urban Scarecrow I posted last week ..


Ivanhoe said...

Impressive autumn decorations, Di :o) I do not put anything up until Christmas. I guess I just never buy anything for fall...

Linda said...

The creepy clown neighbor would have to go - that's one of the things in life that creeps me out the most - clowns! Shiver!!!

Terry said...

Hi Dianne,
We don't decorate for Halloween either.
The only red for the season in our house is the cases of Coke that are all lined up for the kids when they come a knocking at our door next Friday for their treats.
Bernie and I just love giving to the children and even some of the Moms and Dads that accompany their little ones.
Betty, my sister learned one Halloween day a hard lesson,eh? She thought she would just take it easy Halloween evening and instead of standing at the door to greet the kids with a smile and a treat, she just left the large bowl of candy on a chair, just inside the door way, with a note on it that said, "Help Yourself!"
Well I'll tell you Dianne...One person DID help himself,eh? With one single swoop, he picked up that big bowl and emptied the whole thing into his bag.
Ha!,,No honesty here!

I love your pictures of Wanda, Apple Annie and even the homely Red Nose Rudy!

Take care dear Dianne and God bless you....Love Terry

Cherie said...

What a pretty neighborhood you live in! I've heard so many stories about what goes on around your house. Now, I can picture it in my head more appropriately. :)

Bobbie in Hawaii said...

That's quite a collection! I love Wanda's nose. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Bond said...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN..and your decorations rock!


Jolie photo pour ce challenge

Dianne said...

ellen - thanks!! I'm having fun learning different editing programs.

kay - I didn't even think of him as a clown LOL
now he really creeps me out ;)

felisol - Wanda is a good witch :)
they take up far too much space in the basement the rest of the year

daryl - I noticed that too! and both of them could be related to the one Mary posted :)
we are family!!

ivanhoe - we decorate Halloween, Easter and Christmas. I guess it comes from all the years of city apartment dwelling. we've been bottling it up for years LOL

linda - thankfully I only see him when I pull into the driveway. otherwise he's off to the side of my house.

terry - that's awful! someone taking all the candy. I had to work late one year and left a bowl and everyone behaved! made me feel good.
it is fun to see the little ones isn't it? :)

cherie - come visit!! you can get a real eyeful :)
just wait til I'm walking again so we can get into trouble together.

bobbie in hawaii - Wanda is a fave for many :) thanks

bond - thanks!! Halloween is just fun and that's a good thing :)

babylonezoo - thank you very much.

Hildegarde said...

Wanda is a trendy witch and a self-confident lady, that's for sure ;-)

Jackie said...

Your Halloween looks so much more fun than ours. When I was a community nurse a lot of my elderly housebound patients were terrified on Oct 31st because of all the kids hanging around the houses, rattling on the letterbox and whathaveyou. I'd love it if our Halloween was more like yours.

mark's tails said...

Great shots and that is one scary clown!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Ha! I can see you really DO enjoy Halloween! Your photos are wonderful and your commentary a HOOT!

Kerri said...

Oh, I feel like I've visited for Halloween! What a wonderful post!!

the teach said...

Dianne, I love how you wrote this RT post! So funny! and colorful! I'd love to spend Halloween trick or treating in NJ! LOL! :)

Dianne said...

hildegarde - she does have her own mind LOL

jackie - that's a shame. the kids have lots of fun here and very little pranks, mostly some egging or shaving cream.

mark - what can I say, I'm always surrounded by creepy clowns LOL

your eg - thanks!! I aim to entertain :)

kerri - thank you!! what a cool thing to say.

teach - I wish I were more mobile this year I'd invite you!! Tom's River has the 2nd largest parade in the country. It is something to see!! I have the feeling the cast will still be on. I'm going to dress it for Halloween ;)

MyMaracas said...

These are so much fun! I never noticed the red in Halloween before but, once you look, it's everywhere. Nice photos!

Carletta said...

Wanda sure has some Ruby Red Lips!
Fun post Dianne!
Love your narrative.

Seems everybody is doing a photoblog these days. Certainly something to think about.

Grandma Faith said...

Your Halloween Ruby Tuesday post was so much fun to see. All the "characters" are crazy cute!

Askew To You said...

Great decorations. I think it looks like Wanda and her pals enjoy hanging out in your yard. :D

Halloween is my favorite holiday, too.

That neighbor clown is very creepy.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Wow! Halloween is quite a big thing in the US isn't it? So cute :O)

Ralph said...

How come I (and most crows, I assume) are just not scared by all these smiling and really cute scarecrows? They're just too nice! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love the decorations,dianne. I can tell you've been friends with Wanda and the rest of the gang for sometime...

CrystalChick said...

Wanda is awesome! As are the rest of your Halloween friends.
In the first couple of pics your house looks lavender and shutters purple. Is that the real color???
Happy Halloween!! If I were a trick-or-treater I'd surely stop by your place. :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! This was fun. I enjoyed from being to end. Halloween is my favorite too. No wondering what to get this one or that one. Buy all our favorite candy and what's left - well. Lisa

Rambling Woods said...

I love your decorations..!!!!

Anonymous said...

All the decorations for Halloween are looking good, some scary and some cute.
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Special K said...

great decorations!

Happy WW!


ETK said...

I would kill to suffer one of your tricks on Halloween! :)

Gattina said...

Your witches are adorable, lol ! really cute !

Marilyn said...

Your street looks like a great place to live. I love the decorations but your descriptions made them so much more colorful. :)

Dianne said...

mymaracas - I see red everywhere now, and I blame Mary LOL

carletta - I'm so glad you enjoyed my Halloween romp LOL
I decided on the photo blog to free up the other blog for stuff that was sudden or important to me, like today's post. I hate really long posts and multiple posts a day really screws with people's readers

grandma faith - thanks! we are surely a bunch of characters around here ;)

askew - I think Wanda and her pals feel like they're the normal ones ;)

babs - it is!! NYC has the largest parade in the country, there are parties everywhere and costume contests. My fave is the little kids. this past weekend there was a costume contest for Dogs!! in the middle of Times Square :)

ralph - maybe you need to get a creepy clown like my neighbor? LOL

peachkins - thanks :)
Wanda was the very first decoration I bought when we moved in here

Lisa - this year my DIL and I bought candy we don't like LOL
cause last year - we were in big trouble

michelle - thanks!!

napaboaniya - a good mix eh? thanks :)

special k - thank you!!
Happy Hump Day

etk - ohhhh be careful what you kill for!!!

gattina - thank you :)

marilyn - thanks it was fun to decide what to say ;)
I tease my street all the time but it is a lovely place. quiet, nice people, pretty houses.

Catherine said...

How I would like to make part of your neighborhood and accept the invitation!
But I was just participating to Ruby Tuesday!
Very glad to hear from you the 'spirit'of Halloween.

Ken said...

Thanks for tour of your street! So much fun to see where you live through your photos. Thanks for visiting my chicagoexpat.com site too!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Wanda should tone down the lipstick :lol:

me ann my camera said...

Wanda and all the girls are a hoot! I love their happy smiles and their wide open eyes. Hallowe'en is great and I must get a post prepared for the big night! Happy Hallowe'en!

tt said...

Ooooooooo I love Wanda and her pals! So friendly looking.
Um...sorry I've gotta tell this...Lovee has a Penokio 'costume' ....I get to watch his 'nose' grow too! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I cracked myself up!!!!

Dianne said...

catherine - you can always just visit through the blog - I try to share everyday stuff :)
thanks so much for coming by.

ken - I'm so glad you liked the tour!!

digital - I keep telling her that!! but she has a mind of her own and likes to look trashy ;)

me ann - they are a hoot! thanks :)
I look forward to visiting you for Halloween

tt - that's the way we roll round here - even the decor is ready for fun
I bet you make that nose grow - hehehehe

bobbie said...

Poor Wanda is cross-eyed. I do like Annie. And Rudy looks like such a cheerful guy. I love them all! And I much prefer them to those big and expensive blow-ups so many people have now.

Dianne said...

bobbie - I hate those blow-up things! they're even worse for Christmas. they look fake and if you have one right next door to you the noise from their apparatus is obnoxious, like being in a hot air balloon
wanda is cross eyed from trying to see past her own nose ;)

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a fun series! I love Rudy the best! hahahahha

Kay Dennison said...

What a fabulous display!!!

I really don't decorate much for holidays. This year I'm dressing up a bit for the tricksters. They will laugh at the old broad.

PixieKatten said...

Cool pics and great choices for RT!! Although the clown was kinda scary.. have a great day! :o)

Dianne said...

pagan - rudy is a good soul LOL
too bad he can't afford dental care

kay - we usually dress up for the trick or treaters, especially my DIL - she's a teacher and for her the party starts during the school day :)
I bet the kids will love you trying to scare them

pixiekatten - thanks!! glad you liked it :)
I think the clown has an indetity crisis lol

anna said...

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.

When I was a child, it represented a passport from the chaos of the family I happened to drop into. (misplaced zygote theory). I discovered that I could become anything I imagined. And escape for a night…or longer if I needed to.

Later, I came to celebrate this magical time of year as the end of harvest season and a sacred time when the veil between the worlds becomes diaphanous.

I must say that Apple Annie reminded me of a passage from one of my favorite books, the Botany of Desire.

It is said that witches were able to fly on the Sabbat with the aid of plants.

"Witches and sorcerers cultivated plants with the power to 'cast spells'--in our vocabulary, 'psychoactive' plants. Their potion recipes called for such things as datura, opium poppies, belladonna, hashish, fly-agaric mushrooms and the skins of toads (which can contain DMT, a powerful hallucinogen). These ingredients would be combined in a hempseed-oil-based 'flying ointment' that the witches would then administer vaginally using a special dildo. This was the 'broomstick' by which these women were said to travel." Michael Pollan

Happy trails!!!!

Dianne said...

anna - funny - I too dropped in on the wrong family.
Happy Trails to you as well :)

Annie said...

These are so much fun to see. Yard decorations are like looking at others' photo albums - something not to be missed.

Dianne said...

annie - thanks!! I'm glad it was fun to see, it was fun to share :)

onangelwings said...

We didn't decorate this year. I love the lips on that witch.

Normz said...

your Halloween decorations are great and beautiful...

Dianne said...

onangelwings - Wanda does have a tendency to over apply the lipstick ;)

normz - thanks!! I enjoy putting them out there every year.

Patti said...

What a fun bunch of "people" you have in your yard!

Wanda sure is a beautiful gal.

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday.

Sorry I didn't see your friends earlier in the week.

Dianne said...

patti - no problem - you have just a few things to do each day :)
Wanda is my girl LOL