Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Clawing Coupons?

Mia decided to help with the Thanksgiving grocery shopping. I left the Sunday circular on my desk chair.

Here's what I found ...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Ruby Tuesday-ers and a special Thank You to MARY for hosting.


Patti said...

Awwww..Mia is a sweetie. And so helpful!

Reminds me of the photo of one of ours sitting on a pile of newspapers on the chair. "Staying on top of the news."

P.S. Can I really sleep over tomorrow night? I'll be good. I'm very quiet.

Pia K said...

What a cute little furry helper you have there:)

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Yen said...

She is adorable indeed! Lovely photos for RT:)


pink dogwood said...

Absolutely adorable

pink dogwood said...

Absolutely adorable

tt said...

Ummm, that pic of Mia would be me!! I clip coupons, then I sit on them...forever! I forget to use them. So from now on I think I'll just do a "Mia"! lol

bobbie said...

Purrfect little helper.
I, too, usually forget to use any coupons I clip.

Ivanhoe said...

I think I will have to borrow Mia on Sunday to chop up my newspaper coupons :o)
Happy Thanksgiving, Di!

Anil P said...

Showing where the news actually belongs :) Mia has her priorities right :)

Dianne said...

Patti - she is such a help!
of course you can sleep over, and no need to be quiet, we're not!!

Pia - thanks :)
she is very cute, helpful? not so much ;)

yen - thanks :)

pink - Mia says thank you :)
she agrees that she is adorable

tt - I do the same!! I've very good at finding expired coupons.

bobbie - seems like we all do it :)
Siren doesn't bother clipping at all lol

ivanhoe - she's very efficient at it :) and I'm sure she'd love to visit.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and to Mark

Dianne said...

Anil P - LOL ya got that right.

Anonymous said...

What a cute cat!

Kay said...

Maybe she is getting ready for Black Friday.

Sales are important, even for cats.

Olga said...

I like how in the last shot everything is black and white other than the newspaper!

ellen b. said...

Cats are so entertaining. Hope she found the coupon she wanted...

Pagan Sphinx said...

Coupons for Turkey Buffet, no doubt. Good one for Ruby Tuesday!

Mojo said...

Somebody's running a special on cat?

She looks so annoyed!

me ann my camera said...

Nice cat and she can read too!! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ralph said...

How can such a small furry thing be so destructive with those inserts? Someone has got to shred these papers - maybe they're top secret and need to be shredded.

Rigby has been shredding the phone book. What is it about cats and paper?

maryt/theteach said...

Adorable kitty kat that I'm sure would buy all the right things for Thanksgiving! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Dianne said...

ilanadavita - thank you. and she knows she's cute lol

kay - I doubt it, she hates crowds ;)
unless she's going to shop online - she does mess with the phone a lot.

olga - thanks, I learned a new editing step so now I play a lot!! glad you liked it.

ellen - she certainly looked long enough lol
I couldn't pick them up for hours she was having a hissy fit.

pagan - funny - she only likes fish - she is the first cat I have ever had that actually likes fish. she especially enjoys the salmon in garden greens - she is also the only cat I have ever had who has been allowed to keep eating junk food this long - she gets me with that damn long suffering look of hers

mojo - she was annoyed, I was trying to clean up and that was not in her plans. I also wouldn't let her chew on the camera strap.

me ann - it does look like she's reading the ads. it was so funny how they fell open to the turkey ads. wow! maybe she can really read!!

ralph - hey maybe she can get a job in Washington - shredder cat! - no one will suspect. lol
I think they like the sensation through their claws although Siren doesn't mess with paper. I know she knocked it all off the chair because she was trying to get to the window. she's very clumsy for a cat - has odd balance issues - maybe because she's deaf. she probably fell off the chair with the papers.

mary - she probably would!! she is very particular about her own food and her bed and her litter.

Cherie said...

I would have loved to transition from chair to floor. lol Did she sit on the stack, and they slid out from under her? Or did she carefully pull them down one by one? :) But kitties do love to interact with crinkly things. Apparently it has more to do with the way they feel than the way they sounds. :)

Jientje said...

Oooohhh, how cute!

Jackie said...

I hope she picked out a bargain for you! I love that first picture, just a giant ball of fluff!

storyteller said...

How adorable … Hope you didn’t want those papers ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Felisol said...

Mia is a beauty with a strong will and only too willing to help prepare thanksgiving.
bet she's hoping for some turkey leftovers.
From Felisol

Hilary said...

That's one adorable fluff ball! She was just CATching up on the sales. ;)

Jim said...

Diane, you have a cute cat. And smart too! Happy Ruby Red Tue.
I was intrigued by those lamps (paper, do the Mexicans make those too?) all during my meal. Adi and Katrin are regular beggars.

Dianne said...

cherie - I'm not sure how she managed this! I think she probably tried to dig in to pull herself up and it all came tumbling down. She loves to dig into papers and since she's deaf I know it's the feel

jientje - thanks :) I like her lol

jackie - about 75% of her body weight is fur!! and when she's annoyed or excited the tail becomes larger than the rest of her
Mia is the first long hair I've ever had and boy can she shed!!

storyteller - I didn't bother me much, she's too cute and it was my fault for leaving them there. :)

felisol - I will definitely share some treats with her on Thanksgiving :)

hilary - good one :)
she is a fluff ball!!

jim - I didn't realize it was Adi, she had her back turned lol
Mia is pretty clever - thanks

Your EG Tour Guide said...

OMG! Mia can read!

It always amazes me how much cats love to sit on newspapers. Why is that? They don't even have to LEARN to do it. It just comes naturally. LOL

Jan said...

Some helpers are more helpful than others. Great shots, Dianne.

boliyou said...

Nice shots! And how sweet of your helper to not only keep the circulars from blowing away, but keeping them warm for you, too!

happy thanksgiving!

Raven said...

Who knew she could read! What a clever kitty! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I hope she 'clawed' some real good buys!! :P

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Terry said...

Oh that Mia is getting to be quite the character Dianne.
Where was Siren in the midst of all this?
Mia is also getting to be a pudgey little thing too. Is that why you have to use coupons to buy so much cat food?
The pictures are adorable but I have a sneaking feeling way down in the pit of my stomach, that by the looks of that last picture you must be, [oh perish the thought!]... fresh out of kitty litter!!!...Love Terry

rambling woods said...

They only claw things that you need...LOL..

Dianne said...

your eg - we were just talking about that, why they always sit on papers and bags and stuff - they are such wondeerfully odd creatures

jan - that is very true :)
but you can't tell Mia that lol

boliyou - she is very thoughtful - happy Thanksgiving to you too

raven - you too!!
maybe Mia will learn to type next lol

napaboaniya - I wish she could claw up some money lol

terry - Siren is not allowed in the basement, he climbs behind the computer and pulls out all the wires. nearly strangled himself as well. Mia wasn't supposed to be down there on her own either but she snuck past me while I was making coffee.
she's actually very thin, it'a all fur

rambling - yep! they have a special sense that way. :)

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! cats and papers !

Dianne said...

gattina - perfect together!!

Hildegarde said...

Maybe she can read !

Dianne said...

Hildegarde - If only that were so! I would be rich ;)