Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Kittie Toys

Something Historical Happened Last Ruby Tuesday!!
(yeah that too ...)
I Didn't Get to Visit All the Ruby Tuesday Posts - First Time That Ever Happened
And I Missed Them - But I Will Be Around Today
This is Mia and Siren's toy chest. Since it's in the living room I got something furniture friendly. A beautiful old chest from Pier 1.

Lots of red toys.
I tried the cartoon effect again - what do you think?
Happy Tuesday!

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~Just Me~ said...

Lol...wow that cat has alot of toys.

Patti said...

I had better not let Rigby and Linus see this. They will be way jealous of Mia and Siren.

They don't have nearly as many toys!

Happy Ruby Tuesday ~

Dianne said...

just me - well there are 2 of them LOL and many of the toys are from older cats who have passed on to cat heaven, I keep them all.

patti - Mia and Siren promise not to tell :)
a lot of the toys are gifts. me and my friends always exchange Christmas gifts for kids/grandkids and pets.

Terry said...

Ha!! What a treasure chest!
Is Siren finally giving Mia a little slack?
Felisol has a real treasure chest of her own but I don't know what's in it.
Maybe full of kitty toys too!!
Have a great day and a good remembering day of the USA soldiers...........Love Terry

Ivanhoe said...

Your girls have lot of toys :o)
I like the effect. I'm still waiting for somebody to come up with Photoshop that is compatible with my 64-bit operational system *sigh* I wanna play, too!

Ralph said...

We just leave Linus and Rigby's toys scattered on the floor. Would they play as hard with the toys if they are in a box!

ellen b said...

Dianne! That's such a great idea to use such a nice chest to store the toys in...Lots of red for sure. My parents and grandparents left Russia in a hurry too taking nothing but the clothes on their backs. My Matroshka doll is a recent purchase on one of their trips back.

Jay said...

Those cats are so spoiled! LOL ;-)

Pia K said...

That's one pretty chest, the toys here are just put in a boring paperbag and put on a chair...:/ This is a lovely idea! With lots of nice toys, do they put them back in the chest after using...?;) Have a good RT!

Bob-kat said...

It looks like kitty treasure :D I just love wooden chests!

Great subject for the theme.

Dianne said...

terry - Siren still can't stand Mia but he is practicing tolerance LOL the other day she marched over to his water and sat there drinking it for a good 10 minutes. the look of confusion on Si's face was priceless. when she left he spent half the day smelling his water. LOL

ivanhoe - I can't deal with Photoshop! It is so ridiculous in its complexity LOL
I was signed on to take a class right when I hurt my ankle, the next class is next spring.
I love Picasa and for my cartoon effects I use the simple simple Kodak software that came with my tiny camera.

ralph - Siren goes into the box and chooses LOL, sometimes he falls asleep in there. Mia must have her toys brought to her - Diva!!
my cat Sheba, bless her heart, used to put her toys back!! Imagine that :)

ellen - I used to have a wicker basket for the toys but it was pretty shabby from them sharpening their claws on it. Since I don't have a lot of room I have to be creative. When the chest is closed it can also be a foot stool or an extra seat.
I hope to go to Russia one day and find out more about my family :)

jay - yes they are!! I always spoil the ones I love.

pia - my sweet Sheba used to put them back, I'll never forget the first time I saw her do that. she also used to play fetch LOL
the chest was on clearance sale at Pier 1 which is a store I only shop at when there is a sale. I believe I got it for $25 and it was once over $200. Score! as they say in Brooklyn :)

Dianne said...

bob-kat - it really makes a great little accent piece while being functional.
thanks :)

Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
How practical to have a toy chest for the cats. Actually, every cat should have one. I am sad to say just this autumn a lot of cat things went to recycling. I only kept one blue wool ball with a bell in it.

We have decided that just now is not the right time for us to keep a cat. Plus we have not yet overcome the loss of Marcello.

I like the cartoon effect.
From Felisol

Mojo said...

What do I think? I think maybe you (or maybe your cats) need a 12-Step program! LOL. I'm glad Tonka isnt a toy hound. He seems to be most content just being at my feet (or under them!)

nice storage for the toys though. I guess if you're going to have that many, you need a good way to keep them organized!

bobbie said...

Yes, but do they have enough toys?

That is a beautiful chest.

spiCes said...

lotsa reds! including the chest, huh? i love the cartoon effect!

Kay Dennison said...

love the chest! looks like mahogany

maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, I love that cartoon effect! I forgot Mr. Linky at first but he's there now. Duh! I can't believe you make it around to everyone on Ruby Tuesday! How about I nominate you as official visitor (with me) for the next Ruby Tuesday? :)

haleyhughes said...

The cartoon effect is cool, especially because the toychest itself doesn't seem to have been cartoon-ized. A nice toychest, too. Do the cats help themselves to toys from it? Have they ever knocked the lid down? Happy Ruby Tuesday~

Anndi said...

To think my dogs are happy with old underwear...

Love the cartoon effect BTW

marLou said...

That's a lot of toys for a very loved kitty!

ETK said...

Wow, I totally thought I spoiled my cats and that THEY had a lot of toys. I clearly need to get them lots of Xmas. :)

M.Kate said...

Looks wonderful to me :D

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I just enlarged the top photo and...cool! Did you do that a Photobucket? I think I need to choose a phot and try it out. ;-)

Norm said...

they are cute and beautiful...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful chest you have and all that fun stuff inside.

Paz ;-)

♥peachkins♥ said...

that is a nice chest and those are lots of toys!!!

thanks for visiting!

Jim said...

Hi Dianne -- This is a wonderful toy chest. Please be careful so those little guys don't get their fingers pinched in the lid if it comes down accidently. That would hurt a lot!

Happy WW!

It is getting hard to answer when there are a lot of comments. I try but have missed two times now.
One thing I do on Ruby Red Tuesday is sign in late. That way a lot won't ever find me.
Today I signed in early but tomorrow will probably do it later in the morning.
BTW, I don't get delivery so MacDonald's would not be coming to my house either.

Jim said...

Oooops, this is Ruby Red Tuesday, I thought it was WW. That is a problem from answering comments from Yahoo mail.

magiceye said...

bright and beautiful!

magiceye said...

bright and beautiful!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love the cartoon effect - it suits the cat toys perfectly! Great idea for a shot!

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Di!

Katy said...

It looks like so much fun and almost like it was illustrated from a book.

Anonymous said...

It has got a hint of fairy tale feel to it.
The toy box in my house is never filled....the toys are forever spilled everywhere!!
You're lucky your kids are utilising that box well :)

fermicat said...

That is a treasure trove of 'nip. Kitty joy!

Dianne said...

felisol - I am sorry about Marcello, I know the feeling well. One of the reasons there are so many toys is because I have never let go of any of them :)
hugs - you'll know when the best time is

mojo - a 12 step cat toy program!! I guess I'd need to give up the cat nip eh?
I love the name Tonka

bobbie - christmas is coming I'm sure there will be more toys lol

spices - the funny thing is cats can't even see the colors but I think they can smell color

kay - thanks :)
it's very sturdy with really pretty brass accents

mary - it was so funny looking for Mr Linky and every one of us thought it was us LOL
I love photos so visiting everyone is a pleasure. Plus I always figure that people enter to share so I should try to visit them. I once visited all the SkyWatch people but that was when my cast was on!!
I would be an official anything for you :)

haley - that's what I liked too!! the chest looks the same but the toys look like cartoons. it took me a bit of cropping to get to that
Siren goes in and take out toys all the time. Mia not so much. Sirem will sometimes just stand there staring at all his belongings, I love when he does that. My son fixed the hinge so it can lock open plus I put felt on the edge so even if it fell shut it would stop before it could hurt them

anndi - thanks - I'm enjoying playing with the cartoon thing :)
even with all the toys Siren steals dirty socks

marlou - I figured as rescued kitties they deserved a bit of luxury :)

etk - hey kiddo!!
but your cats have clothes!! my guys go naked ;)

m.kate - thanks so much

your eg - I did it in Kodak Easyshare software. It came with my camera but I think you can access it at kodak.com
I enjoy finding photos it works for :)

norm - thank you :)

paz - and I have so much fun watching Siren play with his treasures

peachkins - thanks :)

jim - you make me laugh :)
it's all good RT or WW - I happened to catch both of yours this week
the lid is secure and there are felt protectors to catch a fall

magiceye - thanks!!

pagan - thanks - some things work for cartoons and some don't. birthday cakes are also great subjects

katy - thanks!! and you just gave me an idea for a book I'm playing with - if it ever comes together I'll add you to the dedication page!

napaboaniya - fairy tale effect! thanks, I love that.

fermicat - sometimes I just sprinkle a bit of cat nip in there and all hell breaks loose
and then they sleep for days :)

Gattina said...

That's a good idea ! I see your cats are also poor orphans, lol !

Robin said...

What a beautiful chest! The wood has such a lovely patina. The colors of the toys set it off very nicely too.

storyteller said...

I love this beautiful old chest with toys for your cat!!! Methinks I need to begin a search to find something more lovely in which to store Molly’s toys. As for visiting everyone … I’m so hopelessly behind with everything in this virtual world, I suspect I may never catch up. It’s been several weeks since I’ve responded to comments on my blogs … and I miss that. The only thing I’ve managed to do is continue to post daily … and do my best to visit others. For now that has to be good enough ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

tt said...

I love the cartoon effect. Somehow I knew your furkids would have a 'few' toys. :)
Love the chest too!!! and your wood floors...and you!

Dianne said...

gattina - oh yes! they lead such a deprived life ;)

robin - thanks, it was one of my best sale finds ever.

storyteller - check out clearance sales at Pier 1 or Bed, Bath, Beyond - especially in this economy - they're always trying to clear the shelves. I don't always succeed at visitng either :)

tt - I'm pretty predictable when it comes to spoiling my loved ones :)
sqeezes rainbow girl

Raven said...

Wow! And I thought Angel and Tara Grace were spoiled. What an awesome collection. And all such pretty colors... like a work of art.

boliyou said...

Nice arrangement. I like the cartoon effect and how it supersaturates the colors.

Julie said...

This cartoon effect is really cool...thanks for showing the original picture too! I thought they were little toys you made and that they had a strong "cut here" line.

Very fun!

Dianne said...

raven - so many of those toys are from forever ago. I could point out the favorite of every cat who ever was part of the family :)

boliyou - thanks, I like what it does to the colors too.

julie - thank you! sometimes the cartoon effect looks like something else - as in cut-out toys. I like that :)

Jackie said...

You have some very lucky kitties there :)

And I love that chest - what beautiful wood!

Ron said...

This is SO damn COOL, Dianne!!!

I remember a photo that you posted on your other blog, that had this same effect.

It's so neat to see the contrast between the cartoon part and the non-cartoon part!

Great effect!

And OMG...do you think the kitties have enough toys???

Tee, hee!

Askew To You said...

Cool! I was confused by the cartoon affect first. I thought, oh it's full of paperdolls? What a goofball I am. Do kids even play with paperdolls anymore? I loved them.

I like the chest.

Askew To You said...

Cats! I just saw a comment and saw that it is for your cats. You are an exceptional cat mommy.

Dianne said...

jackie - thanks! they deserve a bit of pampering, their start in the world was rough

ron - one can never have enough toys - cats or people hehehehe
glad you like the effect, I'm having fun with it.

askew - someone else said that too, how the lines were so exaggerated that she thought it was homemade toys. that's why cartoon doesn't work for everything - the challenge is finding the right photos.

CG said...

My cats don't have many toys. They saw this and are reporting me to the authorities for neglect and mental cruelty! Thanks a lot, Dianne!!

Dianne said...

cg - Oh No!!!! I didn't mean to start trouble. I'll have Siren call Basil and they'll work it all out ;)