Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sepia Scenes: Athena

My Athena collection. Please go HERE to see more Sepia Scenes.

I have always been interested in mythology – Gods and Goddesses and all that. I became a big fan of Athena once a friend, a mentor – oh alright – a shrink – started calling me Athena.

When I was being especially stubborn, particularly obtuse, about control issues. When I was insisting I should be able to see, to know, to sense, to fix. While I was digging my heels in and taking it all on me this lovely little lady would throw up her hands and exclaim …

“Oh Athena how omnipotent we are”


onangelwings said...

Those are some interesting shots

maryt/theteach said...

Oh Diana (Dianne), how omnipotent you are! These are marvelous shots! I LOVE that first one! Happy Sepia Scenes Day! :)

Carletta said...

What a wonderful collection.
Love the painting!
Definitely sepia material.

Anonymous said...

Impressive collection; all great in sepia.

Dianne said...

onangelwings - thank you!! :)

mary - 'Diana' lol yet another goddess
the first shot is my favorite too

carletta - thanks, I got the painting in Greece which made it even more special to me. a little stand at the airport - it cost so little. It got wrinkled and a tiny tear during customs at NY (they are such morons) so I had it repaired and mounted and framed - the process cost 10 times the price of the painting!!

ilanadavita - thank you - I thought they might do well in sepia and I've been wanting to share Athena

Your EG Tour Guide said...

These all work well in sepia. What a nice collection of gos and goddesses!

Mojo said...

Yeah, I vote for the first shot too. And not because it's the disembodied head of a smarta$$ woman (I kid). I just like the composition.

Nice collection!

bobbie said...

Sepia tone is perfect for this collection.
I like the rulers in the last picture. Don't know a lot about mythology myself.

Raven said...

Athena, eh? Great story. I especially love the first photo.

Dianne said...

your eg - thanks :)

mojo - well Athena sprung out of a man's head because it was so cold and empty in there ;)
thanks for the compliment on that first shot - I really like it a lot.

bobbie - I've been into mythology since I was a teen. I have always believed in many powerful spirits - gods and godesses if you will. thanks :)

raven - when I am being especially hard on myself (shocking I know) I can see and hear her - she was a little woman and she sat in this giant chair during our sessions. the look of frustration, yet fondness, on her face was priceless. I think she shocked herself. I have that effect on people LOL

Shinade said...

Oh Diana I am overwhelmed. these are absolutely fantastic. You did an incredible job!!

I am almost speechless and afraid to leave my link.

But here it is anyway if you have time to drop by.
Oh these are just stunning...Thank you for taking these so we could view them.:-)

Anonymous said...

The perfect tone of sepia for these nice collection. Fits every sculpture and painting well :)

Kay Dennison said...


Hilary said...

Great shots.. and great line. She sounds like a gem.

Dianne said...

shinade - thank you so much!! you're so kind and sweet. I loved your sepia shots and I really lived your skywatch!!

napaboaniya - it does fit sculpture well :)

kay - thanks!!

hilary - it is one of the best lines in the soundtrack of my life!!

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Daryl's NY blog. I was brought up on Greek and Roman mythology.

Dianne said...

david - nice to see you. Daryl is the best :)
I visit your blog often, we have a lot of friends in common. I don't know why I never comment, isn't that silly :)

Patti said...

We have a new name for our Dianne ~
Athena. I think it's lovely.

I am going to have to look her up now. What she ruler of the universe or something?

Another cool name is Electra.

me ann my camera said...

Love then all and they would be good companions for my life size 'Water Bearer' that stands in my yard still carrying her cement jug of water.

Athena.... an interesting naming with volumes of personality. I like your sepia post!

Dianne said...

patti - athena was the godess of wisdom, war, art, industry, and skill. the part that is relevant to me is that Athena sprung full grown from the head of her father Zeus. My shrink would always point out to me how I had grown up way before my time and I was showing that pattern and the stress it created - hence her fantastic line!!

me ann - oh I love the 'water bearer' statues, they're so serene and purposeful.

Patti said...

Thanks for the info. Looking her up was on my to-do list, but now I know who she was.

Sorry you grew up before your time. I guess we are kinda opposite, since I am a late bloomer.
Have a nice weekend.

Dianne said...

patti - when you do have the time look her up anyway - some of the stories are so exciting and such fun to see how they are all related.