Friday, November 7, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

The lovely and gentle TERRY left a comment for me that she had a story I would like and to come visit.

Look what I found when I got there!!

Thank you Terry!!!!

This is such a lovely collage.

Please visit Terry and read the story that goes with this beautiful gift.


Jodi said...

Awwww, I love that collage!!

Patti said...

I love this Dianne. Very sweet.

Dianne said...

jodi - thanks :)
I keep coming over to look at it LOL
makes me smile

patti - thanks, blog buddies really are a gift and Terry is such a sweet lady.

Ralph said...

Mia appears to be waving at the photographer. Is it a case of her saying 'forget about them, I am here!!" The classic Siren pose does not to resort to waving to the photographer, but just looking dignified in his pose.

We weren't cat people until 1999, but they have fit into our people world just fine. You three make a fine family here. and you all look happy togrther!

Dianne said...

ralph - she does look like she's waving LOL
it's the little mouse that hangs from her 'condo' entrance, she must have been messing with it
Siren will be happy to know he looks dignified, Mia makes a fool out of him far too often.
we are the mi/si/di comedy hour ;)

boliyou said...

What a nice surprise. How sweet!

Dianne said...

boliyou - it was!! I thought I was going over to read an article and instead I found this. :)

Terry said...

Dear I am looking for a picture of Siren to swipe and I find this!
That was so kind of you to put it here and I really am glad you appreciated it!
Anyways, I don't know how to email you from You Tube so I thought I would just put it on my blog for Siren. It will teach him a lesson or two!...........Love Terry