Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shadow Shots: A Skunk In The Basement!? Quick - Get The Camera

Here Mia is using sun and shadow to disguise herself as a skunk.

Although she had pulled down and clawed up all the newspapers I had to stop and take some photos. I love the position of my little finger!! So delicate and ladylike - that's me.

Check out more Shadow Shots HERE


bobbie said...

Well, your delicate, ladylike self managed to take a couple of really great pictures for Shadow Shots!

Hot Fudge said...

Your lady-like shadow shot looks like a couple of cats in earnest conversation. I love it.

Hilary said...

Awww purrfect! Give Mia a scratch on the head for me. :)

Greyscale Territory said...

The look on Mia's face is hilarious! She almost seems to be saying "What areyou going to do about it!" Quite a challenge!

And your pinky shadow is quite beautiful! I agree with Hot Fudge that it looks like two small cats having a tete-a-tete.

storyteller said...

Both shots are most creative and fun.
Hugs and blessings,

Kat said...

ha ha I also point my finger like that when I am picking up yukky things! naughty cat!

Magical Moments with Me and Mine said...

Great ss, do you drink your tea like that? :D

Hey Harriet said...

That's such a great shot of Mia! How cute your little skunky-kitty is! Very mischievious looking!

The second shot is really funny. It looks like you mistakingly picked up your camera in place of your cup of tea. Your tea of course being in a dainty floral pretty china cup. Hope the tea didn't get too cold while following the antics of your cute kitty ;)

High Desert Diva said...

Ha! Too funny!

Cherie said...

Shadow puppets. Heh-heh Cute!

dot said...

You are funny! Cute post.

Jill said...

Fun hand shadows! I love hand shadow games, always fun to do with kids.

Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

With her pink nose she almost looks like a bunnyrabbit! Cute shadow shot, too.

Alissa Nicolau said...

The kitty shadow pics are making me smile tonight!

Rosebud Collection said...

The cat is so cute and the finger is certainly delicate..Good job.

FCP said...

Yes-- delicate, ladylike and unique!

Dianne said...

bobbie - why thank you, I blush in ladylike glee

hot fudge - I love how people see different things in shadows. I didn't see that but now I do, thanks

hilary - will do! and you give Benny a kiss for me.

gemma - Mia always has a puss (hehehe) on, she has the most expressive face - she makes me laugh all the time

storyteller - thanks, hugs and blessings to you too

kat - lol - heaven knows with 2 cats around there is always something yucky to pick up

magical - I do put my pinky up like that a lot, I'm thinking it may be the onset of arthritis lol

harriet - I love that she's become so active, she was so sick when I got her, makes me feel good.
I always have high tea with my pinky in the air ;)

high desert - glad you got a chuckle :)

cherie - I took some amazing shadow puppet shots with Siren. I used film and it's not back yet so it will be a future SS

dot - thanks, I gotta laugh or I'd be soaking my head lol

jill - my son is 35 and won't play anymore lol
so I torment the cats instead ;)

sara - she does!! thanks for mentioning that
she has the most perfect nose - it's heart shaped, it was the first thing I noticed when the shelter sent me her photo.

alissa - I'm glad! and I didn't even realize what I was doing lol

rosebud - cute and delicate - that's us LOL

faye - thanks!! the unique part I know we can keep up, delicate is a wee bit of a struggle

Sweet Repose said...

Don't ya just love all the mischief the little beggars get into...too cute!

Ivanhoe said...

Happy birthday, Di! May all your wishes come true :o)

Elizabeth said...

Such fun -and not a skunk at all.
A real cutie!

maryt/theteach said...

Great shots, Dianne! I don't have my Shadow Shots up cuz I can't find any in my archives! Duh! :)

Mamapippa said...

I love Mia !
She's a lovely cat!
Greetings from Belgium !

splummer said...

Mia is adorable as a "skunk"! Just kidding! She's a really cute kitty. Thanks for stopping by my place.


rambling woods said... cute she looks..I did my first shadow post today..

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Mia is a cute little stinker.

Great shadow shots. Lisa

luvmyboys said...

Both pictures are great! Mia looks like she's saying "Yeah? So what?"

Hildegarde said...

Both great pictures. I like the idea of disguising in shadows.

Gallery Juana said...

Your cat looks so sweet. She seems to be saying "I was just amusing myself."

Dianne said...

sweet - I do! they're endlessly amusing :)

ivanhoe - you are such good friend! I didn't think anyone knew and I just had time to post now and ... well you're so cool :)

elizabeth - she can be a stinker lol

mary - and it's been too cloudy to shoot any good new ones, get busy next week ;)

mamapippa - NJ says hi to Belguim! and thanks :)

sherrie - she is a cute skunk. I loved your shadows.

rambling - I'm running behind since early this morn - I'm so glad you decided to join in.

lisa - yes she is!! lol

luvmyboys - she often says that and her brother even more so :)

hildegarde - it is kind of a cool idea, maybe I'll try to write a story about shadow disguises

gallery - she does have a good time all on her own :)

Lily Hydrangea said...

what a cutie pie kitty and your lady like shadows are pretty too!

Lisa B. said...

Neat shots...I love the gridwork on kittys rear end.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! Very cute. My SS is up but I think Mr. Linky failed me again. It appears people are coming over to see a SS submission from two weeks ago. So if you haven't already, come visit!

Jan said...

These are both fun shots. I really like the B&W.

Bob-kat said...

Mia isn't fooling anyone ;) Great shadow shots!


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Tessa said...

Cat as skunk...brilliant! And I do love your dainty way with a camera - very clever shot!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Seems your cutie cat knows to pose for you for a perfect shadow shot, huh?

Thanks for dropping by & hope you have a wonderful day & week ahead.

Dianne said...

lily - she is a cutie, thanks :)

lisa - me too!! the sun does wonderful art work - thanks :)

pagan - now I have to go double check - last week I realized I was at an old post but yesterday I was in a fog lol

jan - thanks. It looked terrible in color, the carpet just ate up the shadows.

bob-kat - LOL - but she thinks she is ;)

babylonezoo - thanks to you as well :)

tessa - I don't know when or why I started with the pinky in the air LOL
It is so not me

richie's - her brother knows the camera, Mia just loves to watch me so she's easier to get shots of
Siren always wants to play with the camera.

Anonymous said...

LOL! VERY cute!


maryt/theteach said...

Great shots, Dianne! Ah yes, the delicate tea-cup finger! Ha! :)

lucy said...

Very very cool photo! Thanks for stopping by.

M.Kate said...

Dianne, You are very creative with your photos..I love them :D

Dianne said...

paz - thanks :)
Mia has cornered the market on cute

mary - that's me!! nothing if not delicate ;)

lucy - thank you :)

m.kate - I really appreciate that! thanks. photography keeps me from going nuts - it is my outlet :)

Catherine said...

I'm a little late on this one, but couldn't resist. Mia is perfect as a cat as well as a skunk.
And very Ladylike, as you said. Dear Dianne, would you be so kind as to come at tea time ? Is it enough "good manners-like"? Really I have a doubt, I'm just French, my Dear.

Askew To You said...

"When in doubt, pinkie out!" as Patrick Star says. :D

Love the skunk kitty. Very clever.