Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid Week Blues: Neither Rain Nor Sleet ... Nor Really Bad Mail Boxes

I saw MID WEEK BLUES over at JIM’S place and I thought I'd play along this week.

I don't feel comfy and secure leaving my mail in this box.


Deb said...

I have a feeling that someday soon our grandbabies are going to be asking us ~ 'what in the world are those rusty metal blue boxes with slots at the top?' And then I will feel wicked old!

Arkansas Patti said...

Boy, it really looks sad and neglected. That also looks like a good place for chiggers. Mail carrier beware.

hip chick said...

Awww...I kind of like that mailbox. I love putting my mail in that type of box. I can't see where it ends up and it's going on a grand adventure. Even though I don't go with it I will end up where ever it does. It's kind of a sad thing that we don't mail letters like we used to.
I love the mail!

maryt/theteach said...

Aw, yes, the blue letter box... My monochrome shot is a propeller, Dianne. :)

Daryl said...

I would be worried about what might be hiding in that grass

Nicole said...

That one sure looks like hell :)
But no way it can compete with the worst one I've ever seen in Kuwait, grin :)
And I'm desperately waiting for rain too.
Supposedly on Saturday,...yeah, we shall see.

Quilly Unshuttered said...

This mailbox actually seems to be in fairly good shape. The lawn, however is a different matter!

Happily Retired Gal said...

Nifty shot ... kewl perspective! I tend to drop MY mail off at the Post Office and have for years now for security reasons. Sad actually ...
Hugs and blessings,

Jim said...

Diane, if I were you next time I put mail in there I would stick my hand down in it to make sure it isn't full.
If the letters are sitting at the top someone could just take yours back out and cash your check.

I've done that and then took my mail back out. Those times it was an obviously busy box. This one looks like it fell out of the P.O. computer.

No mowing, no pickup. No put your mail in there.
This is a very nice picture, maybe award winning. Who gives awards? Who nominates? Where do I go to do that?

Jim said...

Dianne, will you be doing MidWeek Blues this week (Aug 26)?
I have one on my Little Photo and Poem Place for this week, tonight I will move it over to my Jim's Little Blog.
I really did like this mailbox find!

Rebecca said...

I agree...looks abandoned! Around here they have removed all the mailboxes and closed a few post offices. Makes it really hard to do business with the Post Office these days.

Thanks for playing along in MWB's while I was away. Last week's post was an auto post and Mr. Linky decided not to show up. Sorry if you had come by to play again.