Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid Week Blues: Waiting For The Music

On spring and summer evenings bands play here. The music wafts along the waterfront. It makes for a lovely evening.



Four Dinners said...

Bad Manners played at somewhere very similar...

I was there!!!!....

Walking In The Sunshine...just for you xx

"Wet winter left me cold and crying,
Beaten black and blue

Someone said there's no harm in trying,
Nothing else to do.

I'm just a-walking in the sunshine,
Leave your troubles all behind you,
I think I'll drink a little red wine,
I'll take you where they'll never find you.

Sad songs, well I've heard to many,
Words that didn't rhyme,
Long years never had a penny,
But we spend the time.

Just a-walking in the sunshine,
Try to keep from going under,
I think I'll drink a little red wine,
Ain't no use to sit and wonder.

As I would say?

Autumn eve and the leaves are falling,
'till the trees are bare,
Summer's gone I can hear you calling,
Haven't got a care.

Just a-walking in the sunshine,
Leave your troubles behind you,
I think I'll drink a little red wine

I'll take you where they'll never find you.

As I would say?".........

Love n hugs
4D x

Dianne said...

I absolutely ADORE you Four Dinners

Mountain Photog said...

That looks like a beautiful place for a summer concert. I can almost hear the music now. . . :)

bobbie said...

Music by the water, with a soft evening breeze. Lovely.

Rebecca said...

Sounds absolutely lovely...I love just thinking about it. Nothing like the waterfront to make things a little more special.

Daryl said...

I am imagining it in summer .. all green and bright .. and filled with music and people ... xo

Picture Imperfect said...

What a great spot for a concert. I love those summer evening gigs, so much fun!

Patti said...

That's a different kind of gazebo with a blue roof. I'm also imagining a summer evening, full of happy people and good music.

That 4 Dinners is a cool dude.

Jim said...

That is a neat place with a very pretty and cheery blue roof.
I suppose people get married there too! And then roar off in a motorboat towards their honeymoon. :)

Cherie said...

As I hear the threats of another winter storm coming this weekend, I look forward to the warmer temps and evenings listening to bands on the water with eager anticipation.

Jientje said...

How romantic to sit by the waterside, listening to the music of the band playing there ...
I love the blue roof.

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

What a gorgeous Blue - nice shot!
Gena @ Thinking Aloud