Monday, January 17, 2011


When we first moved from NY to NJ Yesterday's restaurant was the first place we had dinner. It's right around the curve in the road; walking distance if anyone around here actually walked. Anytime I walk there or to the post office next to it someone always asks if everything is alright.

There was a fire at Yesterday's a few months ago and everyone was concerned that they wouldn't re-open; it really is a great neighborhood family place and their Italian food is delicious.

I'm happy to say that they did just re-open with a brand new sign and everything.



Kay Dennison said...

Glad it survived!!! The new sign is great!!! I so appreciate the locally owned restaurants in my neighborhood and am glad you do, too!! I only wish we had a great Italian restaurant like Yesterday's! Oh well, I'll just enjoy my Greek and Syrian food. :)

SouthernSass said...

Sounds like a friendly place to have dinner!

EG Wow said...

GREAT! So what time are we meeting for dinner?

Dimple said...

I'm glad they re-opened, a good neighborhood restaurant is a treasure.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I don't think we have those around here.

This would be a good entry to Signs, Signs, a new meme started by a gal named Leslie. I'm betting you have a of good signage in your files! :-)


Tracy said...

What a cool name for a restaurant...glad the owners were able to continue on with it!

ellen b said...

Great Rubies Dianne. Too funny the way walking is viewed in some parts.

Lucy the Cat said...

That's a really neat sign. It's so nice to have a neighborhood restaurant to go to that you really like.

Yes, sometimes pedestrians are looked at as aliens!

Liz said...

Great shots!

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Gattina said...

Now that's a strange name for a restaurant ! Hope the food is not from yesterday, lol !

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

"I went to eat today at Yesterdays"....that sounds odd, doesn't it? But it'd be a load of fun.

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Hope you are having a glorious day!!!

Cezar and Léia said...

I loved the the two moments there, maybe I prefer the red neon at night!
Looks a great place!
*** thanks for your always kind words.I'm doing okay with my tests but I'm really tired because I have classes in two different schools and when I had finished exams in one the other one started.
Mommy Léia and little LUNA is sending you lots of PURRS and meows!

Carletta said...

I'm glad it is still there for you.
Lovely night shot!