Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Junk and Treasure Live Together

There is a shop in a town near me that carries an eclectic array of stuff.

He call himself a Junkologist but I've seen some treasures in there. Can't miss the shop, just look for the big red round thing.


me ann my camera said...

Love it!This would be my kind of shop. I love finding treasures. Years ago when dating my husband. Our kind of fun was to go shopping for a 'junk'. Something unique that you didn't really need, it had no definition, but when we saw it, we knew it was for us.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love this photo!!! Great for ruby tuesday. AND your shadow shot near the farm house is cool!!

Gulf Waters

Hope your week is off to a grand beginning!!

Daryl said...

I think maybe that was used in farming .. to flatten weeds .. or maybe it was used to wrap a hose around .. or maybe I'll stop guessing

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love your photos! Excellent ! Great shop!

namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor) from Ruby Tuesday

Jim said...

Hi Dianne ~~ I love your Junkologist shop. If I ever come your way you will have to take me there. Very likely a piece of his 'junk' would be wanting to leave with me. :)

Thank you for looking me up. I have been off kilter a lot lately, party the knee (I had a total left knee joint replacement five weeks ago) I suppose but I don't like giving excuses. Better to say I am sorry.
Yes, that was KP on the piano. I hope the little poem would stand on its own but when I scanned my pictures this one sreamed, "obsessed!"

Hello and (((HUGGS))) to your HOPE!
Happy Ruby Tuesday (I quit them too)!

Ron said...

Dianne, I absolutely LOVE the name of this shop. And what a GREAT window graphic!

I have a feeling that I would go CRAZY in a place like this. I adore searching for hidden treasures!

I'm LOVIN' that red hose thingie!

Great Ruby Tuesday, dear lady!


Sylvia K said...

Terrific shot for the day! Love the colors! Hope your week is off to a good start. Enjoy!


Pam said...

Love the junkologist shop. Catchy name for antiques or just stuff.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I bet that guy is a real character and would be worth getting to know!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A junkologist? Oh, I could browse in that shop for hours!


A man who was out of his head
Was claiming he always saw red.
He saw it all day,
At work and at play,
And saw it at night while in bed.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Teleférico rojo

Carletta said...

Great window detail!
I wonder what they vibrant ruby thingie is. I like it.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun place to roam around. I could find lots of goodies there. I believe the red thing is an antique fire hose cart.

Jientje said...

Now there's a shop I would love to look around in!

Ewa said...

I think someones junk is someone else treasure :)
have a lovely day!

Kathy said...

Okay, that is going to be MY new title too around this house "Junkologist"...love it! Gorgeous photos. I know this is "Midweek Blues" but....lovin' that red in the second photo. Great composition too.



Ms. Becky said...

what IS that thing? on closer inspection it looks like it has a hose wrapped on it. at any rate, I would get lost a good long time in that shop. happy day to you Dianne!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh...I love the bottles in his front window! I may have to find this guy one of these days! I would love his shop. Although I am trying to downsize...oh well, I could just look.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my that red outside is awesome. I can see that in my flower garden hehe.

Midweek Blues

Patti said...

Like the others said, I would also love to mosey around in the junkologist's shop.

What fun!

That round red thing is a perfect Ruby Tuesday find. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by.

bobbybegood1 said...

Really? Where is this place? I could spend an ENTIRE day searching, looking, rummaging through to find all sorts of treasures. I totally agree with you Dianne - I love places like these. Where you find many jewels. Cheers Sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

I have just read your blog for the first time. We probably are like minded when it comes to junk. My husband (of 50 yrs) and I just went to the World's Longest Yard Sale. Always on the first full weekend of August, it ranges about 700 miles from Gadsen, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan along Route 127. We covered the area from Chattanooga to Jamestown, TN. What a way to celebrate our anniversary! Have any other readers done anything like this?

Wilma in West Virginia