Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leave Our Stuff Alone!

Siren and Isadora pretty much have their own room; when Siren first came to us he was so wild and anti-social that he needed his own restricted safe space. As time went on and money ran out I gave up on the notion of a second kitchen and small dining area of my own and created kitty world instead.

They tolerate my cleaning the litter boxes but when I dare to clean the entire room they come running to supervise me.

They stare down the Swiffer. I tell them it's not a vacuum; get over yourselves.

I point out to them that everything always goes back the way it was, not to mention that most of their toys are all over the living room.

I am ignored.

They plot my punishment.

Ungrateful brats


Jay Simser said...

Be afraid, be very afraid. wouldn't want to meet up with them on a dark night.. Hugs,,and thanks.

Ron said...

"I am ignored.

They plot my punishment.

Ungrateful brats."

Bwhahahahahahhaha! Dianne, you are HILARIOUS!

Brilliantly accurate post on cats.

We are tolerated.

Have a super Saturday, dear lady!

X to you and the gang!

TexWisGirl said...

laughing out loud!

Sylvia K said...

Yes, you have me laughing this morning, too!! Ornery little buggers aren't they!! Love it!!

Snap said...

Too funny! Glad to see I'm not the only one with a kitty family that rules the roost! :D :D Happy Critter Day!

Lucy the Cat said...

LOL, Dianne! I just love this. Yes, I tell that to Simba all the time: "Get over yourself." (He likes men, not women, so loves to complain at me.)

They may be ungrateful but I know they rule your world. Thanks for the laugh. I always enjoy your sweet kitties.

Cherie said...

You're such a good mommy! :)

Kay L. Davies said...

I know the feeling. Our house went to the dog long ago. It is Lindy's house and we are allowed to live here, but must climb over her if we want to go anywhere.

RNSANE said...

They are as bad as children, aren't they?

My Camera Critters is at:

Leave It To Davis said...

rofl....this was hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh out loud...and have to tell Hubby what was so darn funny!

We love Luna said...

MOL this post is cute! You know...that vacuum machine is a nightmare!I think Siren and Isadora are brave, and they did a fabulous work snoooopervising mommy while she was cleaning the place!
Here in my place, I finally convinced mommy Léia to use only the broom! ;)
purrs and love to you all
and a nice week ahead,

lina@happy family said...

Hahaha, makes me laugh here!
Cute shots of them :)
Thanks for dropping by.

Gunilla Bäck said...

Beautiful cats!

NatureFootstep said...

can´t help but smile. :)

Daryl said...

Jack mistrusts the swiffer ... Harry virtually ignores everything except someone going into the kitchen

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh, in that last picture they ARE definitely plotting a takeover or something. You should be very careful. (But they are both so beautiful it would be worth it.)

Kathe W. said...

hahah great post- there's no training least not easil.!