Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Message from Mia

Mia doesn’t like to be under anything. Unlike Siren she doesn’t burrow under all the snuggly things I give her when she’s cold. Perhaps because she’s deaf she feels the need to always be able to see what/who is coming?

Meanwhile Mia has a compromised immune system from all her time on the street. She just recovered from yet another respiratory infection.

This is the THIRD house/kitty cozy/snuggle sack Mia has owned. I have finally provided one that meets with her approval. Now she can go in and be warm. I was worried about the winter but feel much better about Mia’s comfort now.

Mia wants everyone to send out some good karma for two of her friends.

SILVIO just recently had surgery. He is at home with his wonderful human but is a bit pissed off at not being able to lick his fun bits. I bet some of you guys can relate to that.

DOLLY is older and having some issues. She is a beloved companion to her human and well – just send out some love.

Mia is a grateful girl and wishes everyone was as comfy as she is.

We are in post production on a new Mia/Siren slideshow and hope to release it soon.


CrystalChick said...

Hello Mia! Yes, will definitely send your friends some good wishes.
Can't wait to see the slideshow! :)

CG said...

hi mia! great pics. basil and shea send your friends get well wishes

tt said...

I love your 'furkids' :)
Mia and Siren are lucky have such a caring human cater to their every wish....or at least try to. Can't wait to see the slideshow. woohoo!

Cherie said...

Mia is so precious! I'm so glad that she's happy with her new "house."

the teach said...

Excellent shots, Dianne! Cute kitty cats! I love that first shot! :)

bobbie said...

Mia, you are a lovely cat and your mom takes great pictures.

Hildegarde said...

the top one, in B&W, is superb ! Have fun with your photoblog !

Dianne said...

crystalchick - thanks!!
I suck btw, I promised to remind you about Ruby Tuesday and then forgot.

cg - thank you. the cat community is very close :)

tt - my furkids are da bomb!
how f'ing ridiculous does that sound!!

cherie - she is so particular! I'm so glad this house was a winner

teach - I love the first shot too. the shadows in that room are amazing early in the morning

bobbie - Mia says thanks and also says I take too many pictures ;)

hildergarde - thanks!! I love b&w and I'm learning so much about light from b&w

Deborah Godin said...

What a sweet little face! Actually, in my head that came out like "widdle" - yes, I'm one of those annoying people who talk babytalk to pets (really, just annoying to non-pet people who don't get it)

Ron said... ADORABLE these photos are!!!!

In the first one, she looks like RADAR KITTY...with those EYES!!!

I will most definitely send some good karma and love to her friends!

Sweet post, Dianne!

Loved it!

Dianne said...

deborah - I do the same thing - I'm constantly asking Siren - "who's a good boy, who's a good boy?" - he looks at me as if to say - "who's the crazy old woman?"

ron - Mia's eyes come out all different ways! sometimes they come out odd but it's cool like that first shot. thanks for sending out good karma :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Well I can see who rule's the house. Pampered Queen Mia. Seriously, she is lucky you found each other. She is thriving under your care.

I can't wait to see the next installment of the Mia/Siren show.

I hope Silvio and Dolly feel better soon. Lisa

Dianne said...

lisa - damn slideshow software is eating up my captions!!
Mia has us all wrapped around her finger. Siren gives her room, Jeffrey follows her around with toys and I wait on her :)
she is a good girl though

Jim said...

Hey Dianne, I'd adopt Mia if you get tired of her. She is soooo cute snuggled into the bed she likes.
I have a post of my role as a cat whisperer if you care to look, (scroll through to April 6, 2007)
I wondered if Amber was deaf, and Katrin (our new dog) also.
But cats especially like to hear when they want to hear.
I finally taught her to hear. :-)

Thanks for peeking at my Bear on the fan and for your nice 'drinking' comment.

pink dogwood said...

Mia is just adorable.

Mojo said...

May I just say I send major props your way for your rescue efforts. And I hope Miss Mia feels better.

Dianne said...

jim- how wild - people call me the cat whisperer too! Especially with Siren - no one, not even the rescue shelters could keep him - too unpredictably aggressive they said - well - he's been here 5 years! We have had Mia tested, there is damage - probably for long term infections untreated. She feels vibrations but Riverdance could be behind her and she wouldn't turn.

pink - Mia blushed and said thanks :)

mojo - it's amazing what antibiotics can do plus we have found a new supplement that might help prevent future outbreaks. I appreciate the props mojo - I know how you feel about caring for animals :)

the teach said...

Dianne, I just want to say thanks for visiting my photoblog and commenting. I really do appreciate it!

Dianne said...

teach - you're welcome! and now that I know where it is LOL
I have bookmarked it. you photos are wonderful :)

Mo said...

Great pictures and stories of your furkids!
Have you checked out the Cat Blogosphere? There are lots of blogging cats out there!
My own furkids have their own blog:

Ralph said...

While in a carrier, cats seem to have that defeated look, like 'they're doing it again!!'

Yet, we can never explain fully that the trip to the vet is really necessary, for their benefit. They never get that as we love them, they have to go in the carrier. Tough love, I'd say!

Dianne said...

mo - I LOVE the cat blog!! I'll be a frequent visitor.

ralph - I spend a great deal of time telling both of them, especially Mia that I'm just trying to help. Right now we're "discussing" how she has to take her medicine :)

Pia K said...

She's adorable, such stories about shelter cats are of the heartwarming best kind. Glad you found a little house for her she truly appreciates:)

Raven said...

Aww.... so sweet... I hope she's feeling great again. I love the little tent. Hope that Mia's friends are both feeling better too. I like your new photo site. I'll have to remember to drop by on days other than Tuesday.

Dianne said...

pia - thanks. Poor Mia didn't even make it to a shelter, she was found on the street and then sheltered in a good soul's barn until I heard about her. She loves her snuggly house and I'm happy she's warm.

raven - I should post on the other blog when I put something here - at least until folks remember. It just feels so self-promoting, something I've never been good at!
Mia is better, Siren is fine and I'm hobbling along :)

Terry said...

Oh Mia and Siren...You are such gorgeous kitties albeit you are also spoiled rotten by your wonderful human!!!
Love Miss Terry

Dianne said...

terry - they had less than perfect starts in the world so I decided a little spoiling was needed :)

Terry said...

Yes, they certainly do deserve it Dianne and they look so cute in their little tents.
Bernie got a real kick out of it!
When we lived in a bigger house across town, we used to feed all of the stray cats. We had bowls lined up for them and they would never fight. Just go to a bowl each and eat.
We also fed the squirrels and birds and one time when we got home, I just wished that I had of had a camera because it is hard for people to believe this.
The birds and squirrels were eating and about three of our stray cats were just laying there in a circle cleaning themselves with never a thought of hurting the squirrels or killing the birds.
I told Bernie that probably, as the same hands were feeding all of these creatures then they all thought of themselves as one big happy family!
Believe me Dianne...This is the TRUTH!!...Love Terry

Jim said...

Wow Dianne, you go out for Halloween in a big RED way! Happy RR!
Thank you for your visit to my GUM Dept Store and for your nice comment. I am so sorry I just came here, I am running very late and may never catch up.

Dianne said...

terry - I do believe you! I feed the squirells and birds here and if I'm out there the squirells will look at me and leave the birds alone :)
how wonderful of you to take care of so many

jim - thanks! and don't worry, if you stop trying to catch up and just start anew you'll be right on schedule ;)

Terry said...

Ha! Dianne,
We surely did feed the squirrels, when we lived at that big house on Ontario Rd, but the guy next door who owned quite a large building didn't like it too much! I think the little critters used to get into his eaves troughs and chewed their way into his attic and THEN started to chew his wiring all up!
Well one day, he heard a squirrel in there and waited till it left and then he nailed tin over the hole so the little thing could not get in again.
Well didn't the little mother[yes, it was a GIRL squirrel] try to chew herself back in and when Mr. Blackbeard noticed this[yes his name was Blackbeard!], he came knocking at our door and told us that he was worried...maybe there were baby squirrels still in the attic!
He got his ladder and climbed it, took the nails out of the tin, and pulled the tin back. It looked just like opening a can of tuna the way that the tin curled, and there lo and and behold appeared a row of five little faces!
Hmmmm!!!" growled Mr Blackbeard,"Well I will leave the place open, but as soon as these babies are growed, I am going to kick them out!"
Yeh, eh Dianne, one big tough guy by the name of BLACKBEARD and one big fat soft heart!
Well, he needn't have worried though because for the whole rest of the day the mommy squirrel went back, up, and forth and carried each baby to a new place. One of the babies had died but she even moved that one.
We told Mr Blackbeard that he could cover the hole again.
The rest of the story....That little mama had worn her teeth right down, so for the next two weeks Bernie ground up peanuts so that the little one had something to eat and something to bring her babies.
Her teeth grew back in.
What a nice story, eh? The love of a mother!
Catch you later!!!!..Love Terry