Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Living In A Cartoon World

What better way to christen my new Photo Blog than with Ruby Tuesday.

50% of why I wanted a Photo Blog was because I'm experimenting more and enjoy sharing my photos. 50% of why I wanted a Photo Blog was so I could post photos whenever I wanted without interfering with all the stuff I write on FORKS OFF THE MOMENT.

And as Yogi Berra would say the other 50% is because I'm copying my friend LISA who started her Photo Blog last week.

It has been so warm and wet here the last week that the flowers along the driveway bloomed one more time and among them are a sprinkling of tiny red blossoms. Unfortunately the messy mulch and the weeds around the surrounding plants took away from the pretty flowers so I turned the photo into a cartoon.

I'm thinking I'd like to be a cartoon myself.

Happy Ruby Tuesday.


Raven said...

Wow! What a wonderful start to your photo blog! Awesome. Nice cartooning. I look forward to seeing your future creative photographic efforts. Hope you are feeling better. I'm running late today because the Schwann's guy and I got into a LONG political debate. Civilized, but impassioned, the way political discussion used to be. Alas, he is wrong on all issue and I wasn't able to change his mind, but..

Dianne said...

Raven - How cool that you're my first comment!!

It is Kermit! Or is that Kismet?

I promise to call later. I am so uncomfortable that what I used to get done by noon now takes all day.

Pain really wears a person down but I'm not giving in.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm the first to follow your new blog. Ha!

Congratulations. Sounds tempting as I'm taking many pictures with my new camera and having a lot of fun doing it. I don't ever leave home now without it.

Looking forward to more of your great captures.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Congrats on the new photo blog! I'm lovin' those flowers!

Askew To You said...

I like the cartoon effect. Very nice and happy photo blogging! :D

Anonymous said...

I wish you well to use it.

Karen said...

Look at you growing and expanding before our eyes! Congrats on the new blog and it is a great photo!!

Carletta said...

Congrats on the blog!

I encourage everyone to be sure to enlarge the image - creative indeed!

Ivanhoe said...

***Wishing lots of luck and creative ideas to your new blog***
There, its baptized now :o)

Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
smart to h\make a photo-blog. Congratulation with a fascinating start. Cartoon? Liked that too.
From Felisol

the teach said...

Love the photo, Dianne! A great start to your new photo blog! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

A cartoon effect? Very clever and just enough photo editing... :)

the teach said...

Dianne, I read your answer to Raven - I'm sorry you're in discomfort. I hope it gets better...

Jay Simser said...

What Fun! - Bailey and I shall subscribe. j

Dianne said...

pagan - I love being followed by you!!

RLL - thanks. I hope the dedicated blog keeps pushing me to do and learn more.

askew - in this case the cartoon hid a multitude of flaws ;)

aileni - thank you. one of the reasons I did it was to be able to take part in more photo projects - such as your Monochrome project - you do such great stuff!

karen - thank you so much!!

carletta - I always forget to put in "remember to enlarge"

ivanhoe - thank you! I think we both should have some champagne now :)

felisol - Happy RT to you too!! And thank you :)

teach - thank you! I am hanging in, I am a stubborn and strong soul ;)
and I am going to do a cartoon effect of myself - soon as I figure out my camera's timer lol

jay - I am honored to have you and Bailey as subscribers. I have some work to do on the sidebar but one step at a time.

~Just Me~ said...

Oh I love that shot. I've been thinking about splitting my blog too, between personal and meme stuff. Lol thinking about it is as far as I got so far.

Cherie said...

Congrats on the new blog. The color scheme makes the pictures pop. And I love the sayings of Yogi Berra, a wise man albeit unintentionally. ;)

I couldn't even tell it was a cartoon until I enlarged it. lol Awesome! :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a fun way to start a new blog!

Sylvia K said...

Okay, you've done it! Now I have to have a photo blog! My son handed me his digital camera not long ago and told me to go have fun and I have, monstrous fun! But I can't post pictures all the time that will interfere with my ranting and raving now, can I? You've just given me more great ideas! Your pictures are just beautiful!

Patti said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new photo blog, Dianne!

The mulch isn't messy -- it's just being mulch.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Well - Well! Coping huh? Well I am glad that you started a photo blog. I have admired your pictures for a while now. I agree with Cherie. I think the black background really makes the pictures pop. I also didn't realize that you turned this picture into a cartoon until I enlarged it. Very nice. I love the effect.

Well good luck with your new photo blog. I must go now and add you to my sidebar. Lisa

Gayle said...

The cartoon effect hid the weeds and messy mulch perfectly.
The White House

bobbie said...

And you even made the printing ruby red! Very clever.
Congratulations! I'm sure your photo blog will be as successful as Forks. You do wonderful photos, and seem to be getting into more and more. You can count on me as a fan anyway.

Anndi said...

I love that effect!

Congrats on the new blog!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Congrats on your new digs.

Anonymous said...

Very cool photo! Congrats on your new blog. ;-)


Dianne said...

just me - i've been thinking of doing this for so long! lol
and then this weekend I just did it.

cherie - I adore Yogi!
purple and black are my favorite colors and hen I threw in a bit of pink cause I'm just so girly (snort)
thanks for coming by cherie, glad you like the shot :)

your eg - thanks!! I was worried that a cartoon effect was a bit juvenile or like cheating but then I said screw it lol

sylvia - that is it exactly!! I have my Wordzzle and my bitching about life and my political but want to share photos too and I HATE when a post is 2 miles long with 10 different subjects so voila! new blog.
I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!!

patti - the mulch comment really made me laugh!! trust me though there is all manner of stuff in there that just doesn't belong ;)

lisa - you truly inspired me! and I still can't believe you haven't been a photographer all your life - you're that good! :)

gayle - thanks, wouldn't it be wonderful if the cartoon worked on a dusty house ;)

bobbie - thanks!! I do count on you.

anndi - I am so going to do a cartoon of myself lol
thanks sweetie

queen size funny - thank you very much!!

paz - thanks, appreciate that :)

holly said...


MyMaracas said...

I love that effect! I'll be back.

Ralph said...

I like your photo blog very mulch (Sorry!) A variety of reds adds ambiance to any driveway!

tt said...

looks like you're off to a great start kiddo!GREAT shots@!!
I'll follow you anywhere!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your new photo blog. Love the cartoon event to your photo.

Jim said...

Dianne, I like your new blog. I have a Photo Place but Ruby Red goes on my Little Blog. I don't want to confuse people with my Wordless Wednesday.

Will you be keeping the red ink? Your readership for Ruby Red Tue says you should be in the black.

I'll look for a cartoon that suits you.

Linda said...

Best of luck on your new photo blog - I am sure that it is going to be just as amazing, if not more so, than this very first picture!!!

Sara Chapman said...

Welcome to the world of photoblogging. And Ruby Tuesday's a great way to start. Since you asked what I REALLY think (what a lovely invitation) I think a bit of cropping, like losing the big shrub, would have focused on the adorable red flowers more. But that's just my opinion. Nice creative effects here. And thanks for visiting my blog. I think I'll add your language to my comments area!

Mary said...

Great! Looking forward to more photos!

spiCes said...

congratualtions then! and thanks for the info about RT! i appreciate it:)...and...that's a very cool photo turned cartoon! how'd you do that? hehe..kewl!

Normz said...

congrats! its beautiful start...

Mags said...

This is a GREAT start for a photo blog! Happy RT.

Thank you for coming by my place today. :) It's good to see new faces.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! on your new photo blog! :) I'll be definitely be back often :)

Dianne said...

holly - thanks!!

mymaracas - thank you. I look forward to sharing more visions from my crazy mind ;)

ralph - I love a good pun ;)

tt - you're the head (you know what hehehehe) so I will follow you!!

linda - thanks so much :)

jim - I've seen both your blogs and they're both wonderful. the red ink is just for RT. most posts will be the purple ink - my 2 fave colors - black and purple :)

linda - good thing jim got in there or it would be so confusing :)
I three friends named Linda.I'm so glad you liked my first post, thank you!!

sara - I REALLY meant it and you hit on something I have to work on. I love that shrub and so when my first instinct was to pull down on the shot, lose the shrub and center the flowers more I resisted as though I was killing the shrub lol
I tend to do that - I have a similar problem with decor - if I have an attachment to something I find it hard to let it go even if it ruins the look.
thanks for the advice, it helps me focus :)

mary - thank you!! there will be plenty more :)

spices - you're welcome :)
my silly little Kodak software does the best cartoon effects. funny - I struggle with Photoshop and then the free and easy stuff works better lol

normz - thanks I appreciate that!! I'm really hoping to dedicate more time to improving my photos. and just having fun.

mags - I love new faces too!! thanks for coming by on opening day LOL

Dianne said...

napaboniya - thanks so much lady, considering how gorgeous your place is I take that as quite a compliment :)

Shelly said...

That cartoon thing is cool...another thing I guess I should figure out how to do. Congrats on the photo blog, looking forward to seeing lots of pics.
Oh..and I made the pic biggah and I didn't see a single weed! ;)

Gattina said...

Congratulations to your new blog ! I did the same but already after I had my main blog for 4 months. It became too much for one blog !
Nice picture to start !

Dianne said...

shelly - it's a one click kinda thing in some programs. my latest issue is that I find I like different functions in different progams so I'm all over the place.

gattina - I think I'm going to enjpy having the photos separate. thanks!!


jolie photo

shaker said...

So funny ! i had to look twice to realze the cartoon effect !

Debo Blue said...

Congratulations on a new post. Gives me ideas.

CG said...

That's clever! A new blog = more of you to love!!

Kerri said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos :)

Deborah Godin said...

Good for you!! Love to see more of your photos, and your always-enjoyable comments.

Samantha said...

That photo looks great in a cartoon effect!

pink dogwood said...

Looking forward to this blog. what a coincidence - I also started another blog wordless photo blog not too long ago :)

Daryl said...

Mazel tov on the new blog .. and I am loving that you did this .. photos to ohh and ahh over and then back to Forks to hoot and holler over the prose ... xo


Robin said...

Congratulations on the new blog - and a great shot to start it off, too. I love the way the cartoon has produced such a rich texture.

Dianne said...

babylonezoo - thank you :)

shaker - that is funny, to me it just shouts out cartoon, I'm a cartoon. I guess because I did it to hide flaws so I assume it's obvious.

debo - I love giving ideas, thanks :)

cg - awwwww - thank you.

kerri - I appreciate that, I'm excited about this :)

deborah - thanks :)
we try to please

samantha - thanks. and to think I was sure it wouldn't work!!

pink - I will come check it out!!

daryl - ooh and ahhh and hoot and holler!! sounds like a party ;)

robin - it did make the patch of driveway and the ties look so much nicer. thanks!!
I e-mailed it to my son who now wants to make the driveway look like that for real lol

San said...

I like your cartoon! And I like your math (and Yogi's).

Patti said...

I'm so glad I could make you laugh!

Enjoy your day. I'm guessing it's beautiful there in NJ as well.

It's gorgeous out here.

Dianne said...

san - Yogi is a legend :)

patti - it is lovely!! which is pissing me off lol
since I can't get out, not even the patio since the steps down to it are just too steep for this current cast. I have been hanging out in the side doorway which I'm sure makes me look even stranger to the neighbors.
enjoy the day patti :)

me ann my camera said...

This is lovely, I love how filters kind of sort out the highlights and present each to u s individually. I love experimenting with pictures.
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Patti said...

please don't frighten the neighbors


Sandi McBride said...

It has been warm and hot here, too! I'm getting ready to put in more blueberry bushes, but can't do it as hot as it is...so Friday Fall is supposed to return and we'll plant them then! Hooray! I love photos of anything, so will enjoy this..thanks for stopping in to see me and leaving such a great comment...isn't that what we live for?

Katy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the picture. The spotted flowers are interesting.

Dianne said...

ann - I'm enjoying it more and more! thanks

patti - I think I'm past the point of no return when it comes to that

sandi - I hope it gets cooler and stays that way!!
I love meeting new bloggers so much to learn and enjoy.

katy - you're welcome, thanks to you too :)

Bob-kat said...

Lordy, I was thinking how neat it looked as my garden can only be described as 'going back to nature' I have had no time to spend on it this past year or two.

I love how you haev treated this photo and liek the little red flowers next to the white ones. Sometimes colour is more vivid and noticeable when it is placed next to the absence of colour.

Congrats on your new Photo Blog. I will add yours to my blog roll on my photo blog :)

Dianne said...

bob-kat - when in full bloom there are red and white and purple and blue-ish flowers. I water everything and try to weed but the back isn't always willing. Thankfully my son is OCD about neat landscaping so he does it.
I have work to do on my sidebar so I'll be adding your photo blog too! thanks!!

Ron said...


I LOVE this...your PHOTO BLOG!!!!

GREAT idea!!!

And CONGRATULATIONS on your Opening Day!

I freaking LOVE this photo!

It's awesome...

It's surreal!

And isn't the WARM weather insane???

Although this weekend, it's going back down to OUR temps!


Dianne said...

ron - it better get cold soon! between the heat and my hot flashes it is about 110 in my head and I'm gonna bust soon!
My aunt always says that - "I'm gonna bust"
thanks for all your loving enthusiasm!

annulla said...

You are off to a great start! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

Blather From Brooklyn

Dianne said...

annulla - thank you for the visit and the kind words!

Mo said...

I love the "cartoon" function, too.
Great photo!

Dianne said...

mo - this is the best cartoon effect I've ever achieved lol
I'm definitely going to play with it more
thanks so much!!