Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shadow Shots and Creative Photography

I have wanted to participate in Shadow Shots ever since I saw BOBBIE’S first post for the project. I love shadows; there is so much to be see in what’s not seen.

The Shadow Shots hostess Harriet makes these lovely collages from all the submissions.

So I finally got it together.

The ceiling fixture in my son’s dining room creates the most fantastic shadow art. Depending on other lighting factors you get very warm shadows or very cool shadows.

I created these two collages to show the difference. I did nothing to help that purple shot along. I forget what other lights were on but that color is there on its own.

Maybe it’s my aura splattering all over the ceiling? My DIL would say so.

I’m also going to post this as part of Creative Photography #15 – Week 1

I’m great at multi-tasking! Creatively ambidextrous even.


Check out all the great photographs. And consider joining in!!
Especially if you do one and not the other – come on get busy.

It’s fabulous to be bi-project curious.

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday

Please drop by TODAY’S POST and let me know if you would like to be linked. All the info is there.


bobbie said...

This is really beautiful, Dianne. I love the purple.

Sweet Repose said...

I love any shots that look like water and these look like they could've come from the walls of an indoor swimming pool, very dreamy.

Wecome to SSS, you are gonna have so much fun.


High Desert Diva said...

Welcome to SSS!

pink dogwood said...

love the pictures

Dianne said...

bobbie - thanks!! I love the purple too, wish I knew how it happened, I'd love to try it again ;)
thanks so much for turning me on to SS!!

sharon - I didn't even think of water/swimming pool but you're right! they always remind me of a dense forest. I love that room.

high desert diva - thank you so much! :)

pink - thanks!! :)

Jan said...

You go girl. Very creative.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hey Dianne! These are awesome. Lisa

CrystalChick said...

These are really creative pictures.
And of course, anything purple is awesome!

Dianne said...

jan - thanks!! that made me smile :)

lisa - thank you !!!
the combo of that fixture and those high beamed ceilings is like a canvas.

crystalchick - glad you like them! and yes!! purple rocks ;)

Shelly said...

Fun shadow shots. Diggin' that purple aura man, somebody once stopped me while I was walking and told me I have a purple aura - I'll buy that ;)

Shelly said...

Fun shadow shots. Diggin' that purple aura man, somebody once stopped me while I was walking and told me I have a purple aura - I'll buy that ;)

Shelly said...

Sorry for the double-up....dang computer.

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Welcome to "Hey Harriet" SSS...every Sunday.

Ur shadow shots are wonderful.


Dianne said...

shelly - imagine us together with our purple auras!! I hope we got to do that one day :)

richiesliv - thank you, I have enjoyed all the shadow shots!! :)

Hot Fudge said...

Hi Dianne

I absolutely love your beautiful shadow shots. I gather this is your first venture into Shadow Shot Sunday as well. Isn't it amazing that we both chose the reflection of glass? Wish I could do that purple number though!

Cherie said...

I thought "watery" type reflection too, but now that you mention forest, I see that too. You mean like when you're in the forest on a bright sunny day and a little light filters through the leaves?

Neat ... neat! :)

Alissa Nicolau said...

Dreamy shadow shot submission. So glad you joined us... This is only my fourth week but I'm hooked!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! This is great! Thanks so very much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday. Woohoo! :)

Ralph said...

I like these shots. I feel that I am under water and the wavy patterns look like the view above the pool. If that makes sense, anyway,that's what I saw...

Gallery Juana said...

Hi Diane, Welcome to shadow shots sunday.

You're right, the lamp has pretty patterns and shadows. Interesting how colors pop up that we didn't plan, such as the purple hue.

Olga said...

wow these are awesome!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lisa B. said...

I love "bi-project curious"...too funny! Great shots...some of them look very water like! Cool!!

M.Kate said...

Hello Diane, welcome onboard SSS, great collage of the shadows :D

crazy working mom said...

Beautifully shot! I love those stained glass lights. They do make some beautiful light prisms, don't they?!

Dianne said...

hot fudge - when I saw your post I was struck by the coincidence too!!

cherie - exactly!! I love that feeling of the light having a hushed sound to it. it's amazing

alissa - thanks
I think I'm already hooked!! I caught a great shadow of the cat sitting in the window but of course he moved and I spent an hour trying to coax him back. he wasn't interested in next week's shot ;)

harriet - thank you!! I have really enjoyed visiting everyone!! what a great group of shadow shooters :)

ralph - it does make sense - and I'm glad you like the shots. thank you :)

gallery - I realized the Halloween decorations were on right outside the window where the purple appeared and I wonder if they contributed. I so want to recreate that color LOL
thanks for the warm welcome :)

olga - thank you! your blog is beautiful :)

lisa b - glad you liked my one liner, I've got a million of them. frustrated comedian as well as photog and writer LOL
glad you like the shots

m.kate - thank you. everyone has been so welcoming. I really appreciate that.

CWM - they do!! and I always see something different. thanks for the visit :)

Sara Chapman said...

What a great set of shadow photos. Yes, the water effect is wonderful. Super start for you for Shadow Shot Sunday. Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! i thought there was a pool inside the house! great capture!

Dianne said...

sara - thanks so much!! I'm looking forward to lots of shadow shots :)

gmacomics - thanks, I appreciate that :)

Patti said...

I love these shots, Dianne, and your multi-tasking talents.

Maybe it is your aura, who can say?

Add me to the purple lovers' list ;-)

I'm panicking - I have no pix ready for this week's Ruby Tuesday or Creative Photography.

Dianne said...

patti - thanks!!
ya know I didn't realize Ralph was your Ralph until I clicked on him last night to add him to new people who sent me a comment - well of course he's already bookmarked in my regulars LOL
great new photo!
I'm posting a flag for RT in honor of Election Day.
as for CP relax - you have all week and something always comes to you :)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Welcome to SS! We have to agree with Sharon - very water-like....we love that!

amy said...

That was fun, thanks for sharing your shadow shots. I am curious as to how you ladies make those cool picture collages. that way I don't have to post so many pictures seperately and less scrolling for my readers. Geez that sounds lazy.

Dianne said...

summer kitchen - thanks!!

amy - glad you enjoyed.
I use for creating collages, it's simple there and FREE ;)
just go to and sign up, then you'll get the prompts asking what you want to do - 'create a collage' is one of them
you upload, literally drag the pics into the collage, set orders and save back onto your PC.
you don't even have to download.

Gina said...

Love your shadow collages Dianne..and great to have you joining SSS! Look forward to more! :D

Jackie said...

These are lovely - I really like them.

Linda said...

That purple is spectacular - perhaps it truly is your aura coming through!

I'll be putting up a Creative Photography post tomorrow after I get back from work and voting, whenever that may be!

Dianne said...

gina - thanks!! I'm looking forward to posting more shadows

jackie - thanks, I appreciate that

linda - it really wouldn't surprise me!! I have been feeling especially purple lately!!
I always check out all the CP posts on Friday. I like to do them all at the same time.

annette said...

Love that you have compared both sets of collages, love the second one especially, the colour catches my eye in this set, welcome to SSs :0)

mark's tails said...

Great pics! I love the effect, it is almost like reflections on water.

BTW you wrote, "It’s fabulous to be bi-project curious."


Enigma said...

Love these images. Shadows can really add to a photo and you have done that hear. Good luck in the contest!

Roger said...

Awesome shots Di! You Rock sexy momma! ;D