Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shadow Shots -and- Straight Out Of the Camera - On Sunday

I haven’t posted any photos all week! But I do have a ton of them floating around the hard drive.

I thought I’d do two photo projects this Sunday.

The first project is new to me – SOOC - Straight Out Of the Camera - hosted by Jan.

This is the very FIRST shot taken with my new camera. As you can see I watch nothing but the finest in high brow educational television programming.

For SHADOW SHOTS I have these photos I took Christmas Eve Eve as I sat in the tiny Post Office parking lot waiting for a place to put myself so that I could wait for a place to park.

Taking the camera with me is truly a stress buster. Instead of watching everyone cutting each other off and hogging the only entrance I just sat in the corner and took some photos.

These 3 shots are different perspectives of the old twisted trees that line the far end of the parking lot. They form a barrier between public and private land and are so neglected but they do provide a place for birds and squirrels and other little creatures to live and stay warm. Many of us leave food. If we pushed the PO to clean it up they would most likely tear it all down and put up some awful fence so us bird lovers just shush the others.

Finally I got close enough to the back of the building to be able to park. No one goes back there because it means you have to walk around the building and through the lot to get inside. Shocking! Walking in NJ – surely this can’t be legal! And I have to laugh at the young ones in their sports cars and the big fat asses in their SUVs all waiting for a spot right in front as I make my way, cane and big black walking boot, across the lot. I am in and out and back at my car while they sit there polluting the air with their car exhaust and crappy attitudes.

And I have photos too!

Please visit all the SOOC and SHADOW SHOTS participants. There is some great photography floating round these Internet Tubes.

Happy Sunday


Jan said...

Fun post, Dianne. I like all of the photos. I have a new camera, too, but haven't "dialed it in", yet.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Fabulous pictures & shadows!
The favorite one is the first b&w of the tree....then, the yellowish second to the last one (great photo terms I know!!) HA!
Enjoy the New Year with your new camera!

Kay Dennison said...

Have fun with your new camera!!! I love these photos!!!

Dianne said...

jan - thanks!! have fun with your new camera too :)

summer kitchens - I use the same technical photo terms as you do - lol
I like the yellowish tinted one too!! I gave the photo a light yellow tint in editing and loved how it looked. I always play with tints when I'm not happy with the natural light
thanks so much!!

kay - now I'm even more obcessed since I have 3 cameras which I love for different reasons - oh well better than drinking and drugs lol
glad you like the photos, thanks

Hey Harriet said...

Oh new cameras are so much fun! You've acquainted yourself with it so well already! Love your collection of shadows. Your parking lot adventures were a fun read. I hear you! The first pic is super cool also. I'm a sucker for the same high-brow TV as you! LOVE That 70s Show :D

Keep having fun with your new camera & I'm looking forward to seeing more pics taken with it. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Lily Hydrangea said...

lovely shadow tree shots!

Dianne said...

hey harriet - I was using the 'smart capture' feature. I am now trying to make my way thru all the manual settings and the actual manual lol
why do they make the print so small and all the camera markings are black on black - OY!
glad you liked the shots and enjoyed the story
I watch 70s show mostly for Ashton Kutcher - that Demi is a lucky girl ;)

lily - thanks so much :)

splummer said...

Beautiful Shot! Isn't having a new camera so much fun!! And I can understand the aggravation of trying to find a parking place. While your there waiting you see all the young people who are perfectly able to walk come out and get in their cars that are parked right in front of the building. OOOOOOOOh, that makes me so mad!!!!! Have fun with your new camera! Have a great weekend!


Alissa Nicolau said...

Great shadow shots! Lucky you with a new camera for Christmas. Someone must have been a good girl... Good luck with all the buttons and dials!

Happy New Year - Alissa

Pagan Sphinx said...

Those are fabulous shadow shots, Di. I especially the love the ones of the brick building with the tree shadows. Striking.

And ain't it the truth about people and parking lots. You can tell a lot about a person by where they park and how.

Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos from the new camera! Have fun!


Sweet Repose said...

Great shots and I love your attitude...why can't we all just get along...and be equal...what a novel idea.

I'd love to see them on my parking lot today...a solid glare of ice...yippee!

Have a wonderful New Year and take lots of photos to share!

Julie said...

I love all your shadow shots. SOOC is new to me so I am going to check that out also. I love taking shots. I especially like the last shot.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Aha! you got a new cam? That's unfair §:-)

Well, nice to hear for that so, u can take as pretty shadows to share w/ us.

Thanks for your friendship, although through our bloglandia. It's cheerish, so much and hope this will continue till last.

HAppy New Year to you!

bobbie said...

Yes, and they will never know the pleasure of the photos you have taken. These are really great. Trees are always so good. Love 'em.

Dianne said...

sherrie - glad you like the pictures - thanks!!
I take comfort in knowing I'm in better shape than the ones in the cars who won't walk ;)

alissa - Happy New Year to you too! I am enjoying the new camera, I keep discovering new things

pagan - I love that shot, thanks! and yep! I get a very strong vibe about people in the parking lot :)

sweet repose - be careful on that ice!! It is crazy warm here today - makes no sense at all

julie - thanks!! I think SOOC is going to be fun - it makes me go thru my photos to pick the best one without editing

chie - Happy New Year to you !!
I look forward to a brand new year of great photos for all of us to share :)

bobbie - that's the other thing! lol - they're so busy jockeying for position that they don't notice anything pretty :)

BABYLONEZOO (France) said...

bonne année

Solvarm said...


Nice shadow shot.

I droping by, to tell you that I have a new years greatings at my blog, to you and all my blogfriends. If you scroll down at my site you can reed it in english.

Sunwarm hugs from Irene

Raven said...

Lovely series. I think the next to last is my favorite. Happy almost New Year.

maryt/theteach said...

Love these posts Dianne! I like your trying different things with them: b&w, sepia. The shadow shots are great too! What were you waiting for in the Post Office lot or did I miss that? :)

Jackie said...

I love the sepia one. The sepia on my camera is really overbearing so I don't use it very often. This works really well though.

Claire said...

Hurrah for new cameras!


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think taking your photo everywhere truly IS a stress buster. Works for me, anyway.

Love your description of the goings on behind your post office. Ha! Must be universal!

Dianne said...

babylonezoo - Happy New Year to you too :)

irene - thank you :)
Happy New Year

raven - that one is my favorite too! The light came out looking as though time was standing still

mary - I just needed to mail some bills lol
I have packages to send out but the lines have been too long
the mail boxes around here are a mess, if it snows your letters drown so I went to the drop slot at the PO
crazy system we have here

jackie - this sepia came out nice, thanks - I know what you mean about overbearing. I usually convert in editing.

claire - I'm like a kid with a toy ;)

your EG - ever since I started doing it I have realized that I'm more aware of the beauty and magic around me and less distracted by idiots lol

Tink *~*~* said...

Love your very last shadow shot - tree looks like it's about to sit down :)

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Ralph said...

W ho cares about highbrow?? 'That Seventies Show' is an appealing way! And I remember that decade, too!

The shadows on the brick adds life to these nondescript buildings. Character lines these vegetation shadows add, a bit of nature's beauty added to man's non-artistic structures...

Twinkle Star Art said...

All your photos fabulous and I just love 'That Seventies Show'. Happy New Year!

Dianne said...

tink - that is a fantastic observation! I love when people see things in my photos - hence the name of the blog
are you in NY? it's very warm here!

ralph - I lived the 70s too! same age as the characters :)
the PO is a very unattractive building so the shadows sure do help :)

twinkle - thank you!
Happy New Year :)

Deb said...

Happy Holidays! I have been MIA for a while but am glad to be back. I missed my blogging buddies! I also got a new camera but haven't figured it all out yet. Once life quiets down around here I will be able to start experimenting. I love your shadow shots plus the story that went with them. As always, I enjoyed my visit here and will be back soon! Take care.

magiceye said...

love the last 2 pics! superb!
and yes...pity those for whom walking is a punishment!!

Lisa B. said...

Oh Dianne! I love your shadow shots (first one of the back of the building best) and I love your attitude even more!! Way to call it like it is! I can only hope that some of the guilty see your post...and the light!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!

pink dogwood said...

It is not only NJ thing, but also MD thing - my local post office is like that too - no one wants to go around the back :)

Love the pictures of the tree - just beautiful :)

pink dogwood said...

It is not only NJ thing, but also MD thing - my local post office is like that too - no one wants to go around the back :)

Love the pictures of the tree - just beautiful :)

Dianne said...

deb - glad to see ya :)
enjoy your new camera, it's hard to find the time for the things we want to do but we need to, it's refreshing
I look forward to great new photos from your new camera

magiceye - thank you! superb is such a cool word ;)
hope you are enjoying your time off

lisa b - glad you like the shots!! thanks so much

pink - guess idiots live in all states lol
glad you like the tress, thanks

High Desert Diva said...

I've never understood circling round and round to find a close parking spot. Park and walk. duh.

You've got some good shots!

Patti said...

Now that was a fruitful errand. You made a trip to the Post Office fun for yourself. The heck with those lard butts in their SUVs, I say!

You turned a chore into a pleasant photo-taking opportunity. You Go Girl

ramblingwoods said...

Interesting photos..makes me want to try more things...

Dianne said...

high desert diva - they even do it by the gym which I really find hilarious!!
glad you like the shots

patti - when I first hurt my foot I was so uncomfortable all the time that I found myself being really abrupt and nasty with people while out
so I made sure to always distract myself and keep my mind busy and photography has always done that for me :)
thanks for the support

rambling - it's a lot of fun to experiment!!

Terry said...

Dear Dianne... I have always love your shadow pictures.
How nice that you always have your camera with you. I just can't leave home without it! I love it.
Once in a while I get in trouble but big deal.
Like the one I took of the lady playing the piano for the Christmas salvation Army bucket.Well the lady herself was just thrilled but some old Meanie that worked in the store got real nasty with me and it wasn't called for because the piano was at the entrance
Made me feel like never going back to the place and we have spent a lot of money there!
Anyways I did have the picture for Ruby Tuesday and it was WORTH it...
Catch you later. I like these tree shadows so much...Love Terry