Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday: Christmas Eve Pilgrimage

The trip from New Jersey to Brooklyn is never an easy one. If only Staten Island would get out of the way ...

But on Christmas Eve. As Santa would say - Oy!

The skies were gray - at times very dark - and the rain was on and off.

It took 3 hours to get from my house in Central, NJ to my brother's house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

One entire hour was spent on the approach to the Goethals's toll plaza. The people in the car behind us got out and walked their dog.

I like how the gray skies provide a backdrop for the urban blight and the traffic lights.

Go check out more sky shots at the new LOOKING AT THE SKY ON FRIDAY


Patti said...

Crummy weather..but then Christmas morning dawned beautiful and sunny here, and I'm sure it must have been the same in N.J.

I posted New Year's Eve pix today ~

Hey, I'm First!

crazy working mom said...

Very well done! Look at all of those break lights. That is quite a sight. I'm glad I wasn't stuck in all of that traffic!

Thanks so much for your support, Dianne. Happy Friday!

Linda said...

Ah, Jersey traffic - I don't miss it at all!

You would think that in this day and age, they would have come up with a better system than archaic toll booths so that traffic jams like this wouldn't happen. Not that driving to New York is ever without its perils and too many cars on the road anyway but once you get people backed up at toll booths, you're done for!

I'm thinking that in addition to the gray skies here, you probably captured a lot of gray moods and frustration!

Jay said...

When my great grandfather came to this country from Belfast, Northern Ireland (there's some dispute on that, I have a great aunt who is pretty sure it was near Dublin, but all evidence says Belfast, so I go with Belfast) he settled in Elizabeth, NJ.

I even have an address that he and my great grandmother lived at for a few years before moving on. Someday, I'm going to go there and stand in front of whatever building is there now and check the place out.

Your pic of the sign showing the way to Elizabeth made me think of that. ;-)

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a mess. You did a great job of photo illustrating your long journey. I was right there with you. Glad you made it safely.

bobbie said...

Staten Island always was a pain in the...neck. I've broken down there once, too. No fun.

But I enjoyed your pictures, even though they were of your trials and troubles. Aren't you glad that's behind you?

Misty Dawn said...

The traffic doesn't look like much fun, but I love the way the lights reflect on the pavement and stand out against the sky.

happily retired gal said...

Interesting series of shots on this grey day excursion in traffic.
Hugs and blessings,

maryt/theteach said...

Gee, Dianne, stop whining! My nephew lives in Carol Gardens (used to be Red Hook) that looks like the traffic we have to put up with ALL the time... And we're just driving from another part of the city not from another state! Ha! I'm really sorry you had to sit through that, really!! :)

Dianne said...

patti - I think I was first at your place too! ;)

CWM - you're welcome, I enjoy this project :)

Linda - all things considered people were pretty decent. A few asshats but that's to be expected.

Jay - have you checked that address out on Google Maps? Might give you some idea.
that's a cool story
when you come to NJ I will take you to Elizabeth :)

pagan - usually I'm driving. I loved being the passenger - so much easier to take shots.

bobbie - the trip back was less than an hour lol
we always dread Brooklyn on a Sunday or holiday

misty - I love the lights and the gray sky and wet pavement - I'm so glad you liked them :)

HRG - thanks :)

mary - OK ya got me! I used to drive in Park Slope a lot, OMG!! what a mess :)

Cherie said...

What a nightmare! Glad that you made it there and back again.

Hey Photo-lady, I came across a new photo themed space, and I immediately thought of you. It focuses on faces and looks pretty neat. You might check it out.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Those are some cool shots Dianne!
But the traffic is terrible! :|
Happy New Year!And thanks for stopping by!

Ralph said...

Wow, the views of the the NJ Turnpike haven't changed from the days our family traveled to Brigantine yearly for vacation. We haven't had tolls in CT since 1985, and based on your views, I do not miss them!

The neat things about the 'Pike pictures is that you can't tell what season is - it could be any, as the treeless views don't give you a clue. Unless the power line towers are a sort of galvanized steel forest...

Except i love the views when driving by Newark airport, when the planes take off on either Runway 19 along with me, it is like a race you against the Boeing. The plane usually wins that one:>)

magiceye said...

urban stress!

Raven said...

Ah... this brings back unpleasant memories of traffic jams past and hours spent barely moving. Cool photos though. You could have used some of these for Ruby Tuesday too.

Happy New Year!

Dianne said...

cherie - I gotta say I was very Zen thru the entire evening lol
I'll check out the new site, thanks!!

sandra - thanks!! loved your sky shot too :)

ralph - I love the red lights on the wet pavement - that's what first caught my eye. and all those towers - beautiful in a way.
I love Newark Airport too - they come in so low, right above you. Very cool :)

magiceye - yes it is!! ;)

raven - we would have been thrilled to barely move - the hour spent so close - and yet so far - to the toll plaza was the worst part. when we finally were moving 25 mph felt like racing ;)

Rambling Woods said...

That is a mess...hurry up and wait..

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

I love the chaos of the road - and the blue of the sky. Thanks for visiting my photohunt. :)

CrystalChick said...

New Jersey traffic can be a mess all over the state. I'm close to Philly and it's no picnic there either. Nice shots! Love the last one especially.
Happy New Year! :)

pink dogwood said...

I remember coming back from NYC to MD one year on thanksgiving weekend - never again :)

Love the pictures though - I guess you weren't overly irritated since you used the opportunity for a nice photo session :)

Dianne said...

rambling - a mess indeed!!

tina - another one of the things that caught my eye - the stillness vs. the chaos :)
thanks for coming by

crystalchick - I love the last one too ;)
all that merging mahem

pink - I was very Zen
and I was having a great time watching people react and taking photos

Your EG Tour Guide said...

OH MY! Glad you got through that jam...finally!

Tina said...

great pics of the night time hussle and bussle. makes a nice change.

good to see more people playing tisha's meme. thanks for stopping by my LSF ;)

Askew To You said...

The sky really made a beautiful contrast to the car lights. I'm sure you didn't appreciate that while stuck waiting though. ;D

herMomsometimes said...

The reason I now live in a small town in Kansas.

I can leave for work at 7:52 and be at my desk before 8:00.

I do not miss big city traffic.