Sunday, January 25, 2009

More from the park for SOOC and Shadow Shots

Camera Critters is right below this

A few more shots from the park I featured last week.

This top shot is STRAIGHT OUT OF the CAMERA

The tree decorated the trash can ...

I love lines and shadows so these shots made me happy. That's my big old head in the last shot.


Have a great Sunday! I'm headed to the Motherland (Brooklyn) for a birthday party.


M.Kate said...

Fantastic shot Dianne, love all the different colour contrast and shadow :D

me ann my camera said...

I love shadows and lines for their artistic beauty, but also it tells me the sun is shining!!! And we need sun here in my cold north! Happy Sunday.

splummer said...

Beautiful shots!! I really like the decorated trash can! Have a great day!


Rosebud Collection said...

Wonderful shots..At least the snow isn't all around and you can walk through the park..Good job..Happy SSS..

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Looks like a well-kept park. Aren't the shadows wonderful?

Hope you had fun at the birthday party!

Dianne said...

m.kate - thanks so much!

me ann - the sun was strong that day

sherrie - so do I, I'm so glad I noticed it

rosebud - it was just enough snow to be pretty :)

EG - this town does a great job of keeping the park in shape

High Desert Diva said...

My big ol' head gets in a lot of my shots, too!

Sweet Repose said...

What did we ever do without our digital camers...mine goes everywhere with never know when that perfect shadow will appear.

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Those are great shots!! I especially love the second last one.

Mamapippa said...

Great shadow shots, have a nice day !

Jan said...

These are wonderful shots, each a treasure. Yes, I see you in the last shot.

Pagan Sphinx said...

The bench shadows are the favorites for me. Nicely done.

Bitterly cold Sunday here. High of 12. Too cold to stay out for very long taking pictures but I did manage to get some in. One or two may end up on a photo meme or two. We'll see!

kden said...

Love the garbage can shot, definitely SOOC! Your kitty pictures are precious.

bobbie said...

Very nice. I love the tree shadow on the trash can.

Julie said...

I love a bit of color against the snow. Nice group of shots.

Anonymous said...

Shadows! They're everywhere! Great photos.

Jackie said...

I love that 3rd shot in particular.

BTW, all the best people show their big shadowy heads in photos. I think of it as the equivalent of Van Gogh signing Vincent in great big letters on all his paintings.

Lisa B. said...

Looks like a lovely time of day in the park...nice shots!

Dianne said...

high desert - it can be frustrating lol

sweet - it has come to the point that people ask me where my camera is

miranda - thanks!! I love the lines in that shot

mamapippa - thanks :)

jan - my head looks huge!!

pagan - I love the lines of the benches.
I took a ton of shots in Brookly on Sunday so I'm looking forward to sharing those
stay warm

kden - the trash can was so unique - I was glad I noticed it, the kitties say thanks :)

bobbie - trees are so thoughtful :)

julie - so do I, thanks :)

twobarkingdogs - thanks :)

jackie - me too, that was my best angle - maybe I'll start a find Di's head contest - it would be so easy lol

lisa b - it was the warmest part of the day - was a balmy 21F !!!
but I loved being there alone

Raven said...

Nice series of shadows. I'm surprised you have so little snow. We are still pretty deep in it and bitterly cold.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hey Dianne! Great shots out & about! That red bench does make one happy!!

Gallery Juana said...

this park looks inviting even in cold weather. I like all the trees it has too.

Twinkle Star Art said...

That's a great series of shadow shots. Oh and I loved your comment on my blog. That made me laugh! I can imagine grown ups need to have tantrums too ;)

Jill said...

I do like lines and shadows too. Very nice.

Terry said...

Dear Dianne..I always love your shadow pictures.
You are a dedicated photographer. I just can't take pictures out in the cold lately. I guess I am being an inside picture taker the last while.
The cold weather is just chilling my bones!
The Teach had a beautiful shadow picture on her blog this week. Just wonderful Dianne!..Love Terry

Dianne said...

raven - we're close the coast so we get the endless freeze and melt syndrome - the snow never lasts that long but the icy patches are forever - and the black ice!! OY!!

summer kitchen - thanks :)

gallery - the trees are well cared for - thanks to the open space laws many of us fought to have passed. makes me happy

twinkle - a laugh is always a good thing :)
your post was a delight

jill - my favorite things to shoot - thanks :)

terry - it is hard in the cold, my fingers were raw and my glasses kept fogging up so I couldn't see the camera settings