Saturday, February 14, 2009

Camera Critters: Mia's Birthday

Mia turns 9 today. She joined the family a year ago this month.

This is the photo the rescue site sent me. They told me she never left her bed except to use the litter. She wasn't eating much either. I love her heart shaped nose. Perfect for a Valentine birthday

It wasn't much different when she got here. She had a respiatory infection and her eyes were infected. She spent the first few days trying to disappear into the sofa cushions.

Even when she did venture off the sofa she immediately found a hiding spot

Given that she was so tiny and weak I wanted her to be as comfy as possible so I moved her food and litter into my bedroom. She immediately took over and demanded purple towels to sleep on

During this time I kept her apart from Siren. I slowly introduced them in a safe and calm manner

Over time they have come to tolerate each other. I'm still hoping for some love between them but that's really up to them. Cats have a pace all their own. At least we don't need the cage anymore

She also moves around a lot more.

She spent days walking in and out of her new bed deciding if it worked for her

Eventually she decided she liked to come down to the basement office and inspect the work I was doing

She is more concerned about her appearance now that she feels better and allows me to brush her - as long as I use her favorite glove and move very, very quickly

And then she settles back in - to a place where she knows she is safe and loved

Happy Birthday Mia!

To meet more wonderful animals visit CAMERA CRITTERS

And please visit THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE. A click each day helps many homeless animals. It's all Mia wants for her birthday.


Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, yippee! I'm first, for a change!

She's so darling, it's beyond words. You've captured her so beautifully that I almost feel like she's my friend, too.

And Siren, of course. I love that pose he? is making on top of the bureau. Gorgeous cat. Looks like a male.

Swarna said...

Oh, I could wail! Wonderful close-ups! She so reminds me of our black-and-white visitor. I had recorded anecdotes on her here and here

Bruce said...

you are a very nice lady to rescue this special kitty...I like you very much:)

Linda said...

Oh, the poor little thing looked so pathetic in her first few pictures; I bet she felt absolutely awful with those infections and was probably scared to boot.

Looks like she has adjusted nicely to her new home and you never know, maybe one day you'll come home to find Mia and Siren taking a nap side by side!

i beati said...

she is beautiful because of you - a perfect Valentine!!Sandy

Dianne said...

pagan - you're always first with me :)
Siren is a male and that has become known as his Mia pose - she rules him!! lol
he gets into that half pounce half submissive pose whenever they're together - as you can see she ignores him unless he moves - then she hisses until he runs away

swarna - siren likes to wail lol
that's how he got his name
I will come check out your black and white :)

bruce - thank you!! that is high praise coming from a cat, you're a good guy

linda - she was pathetic and I felt so helpless but we struggled along and the results are wonderful
I would love to find Mia and Siren together one day - ya never know ;)

sandy - what a lovely kind thing to say - thank you!! Happy Valentine's Day

Carolina said...

Oh poor cat, good of you to have rescued her! She looks much better in the last photos!

Villas Girl said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!! I love her heart shaped nose. Lisa

Darla said...

Cats do like to do things on their terms don't they?

Snap said...

Happy, Happy Day, Mia. You are loved little one ... finally!

Chriss said...

She's adorable. Have a wonderful weekend.

bobbie said...

Happy Birthday, Mia!

She is a sweetie.

Nikki-ann said...

Awww, she's so cute! I'm glad to hear she's settling in well and is coming out of her shell. :)

silvieon4 said...

We are all rescues in our family and my Wendy was very abused by a woman. Time and love will buy redemption. Wendy now snuggles with momma and actually looks for her.:) painful, slow, progress measured both in small victories and new bonds. Mia, happy B day, you are in your forever home. Don't you love it!
Silvieon4 from

CG said...

Mia is very like my Shea cat! Give her my love xx

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Mia is a very lucky kitty to have you as her person, Dianne. She appears to be quite comfortable in your home. She has come a log way since you first brought her hoe.

Daryl said...

My two are still after 7 yrs circling one another .. sort of .. Rose adores Gus .. he wishes she'd go away ...

Tink *~*~* said...

So good of you to rescue a kitty and be so patient with her while she recovers.

Bless you!

Tink *~*~*
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bettygram said...

Happy Birthday Mia. You look now you are one happy and healthy cat.

NoBS said...

She's beautiful! Does she have some Turkish Angora in her? I'm pretty sure my Quincy does, the vet always says she's as soft as a bunny!

Tammy said...

She's beautiful!

Craig Glenn said...

Happy birthday Mia!
Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday Mia. What a very sweet story. Your kitties are adorable. Thanks for the touching post.

Babooshka said...

She's totally adorable

Sylvia K said...

She is adorable and how she's changed from when you first got her! You've been a good Mama, Dianne!

linda said...

ahhh, how adorable she is! such GREEN eyes too ;)

magiceye said...

happy birthday mia!!!!

that was a wonderful pictorial!

Manz said...

Mia is a sweetheat - what a cute nose!!

I love your post. A terrific story and photos to go with it.

When you said "Cats have a pace all their own", I couldn't help but laugh as I remebered bringing our youngest home from the shelter (both our cats were strays)... anyway, we thought, let's introduce her to our eldest and as we held them closer together, our big boy swipped at her :(

The next day they were best friends... after checking each other out on their own terms. We were silly humans to interfere!

storyteller said...

I love a happy ending ;--)
Lovely illustrated post of Mia's first year with you. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

Sue said...

Happy birthday Mia!! What a beautiful cat too, and how wonderful she got a second chance at a happy life with you :) All three of our girls are rescues too :)

Teena in Toronto said...

What a gorgeous kitty!

Thanks for the visit :)

Jackie said...

What lovely pictures - you can really see how much she's come on in the last year. Happy birthday Mia :)

Misty Dawn said...

What a very touching post! She is gorgeous. Happy birthday, Sweet Mia. I love that last post.

Mamapippa said...

Big birthday hugs for Mia !

CrAzY Working Mom said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Mia. :)

Great shots. Thanks so much for sharing.

nonizamboni said...

Happy birthday to that gorgeous Mia! What a sad story with a wonderful ending. . .maybe eventually for Siren too.
Thanks for making my day.

fishing guy said...

Dianne: I like those green eyes in the one shot.

Dianne said...

carolina - her progress has been wonderful

lisa - mia send hugs :)

darla - they certainly do ;)

snap - she is loved, thanks for such a sweet comment

chriss - thanks :)

bobbie - she is sweet :)

nikki-ann - thanks, she is so much better - she rules Siren

silvieon4 - bless you for all the resuces!!

cg - I love shea :)

eg - thanks. I'm lucky to have her too, she is a sweet girl

daryl - how funny! they're such odd creatures

tink - thank you!! It gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment

bettygram - she is happy and for the most part healthy - her past issues pop up sometimes but are manageable

noBS - her fur is very soft!! I don't know what breed she is though

tammy - thanks

craig - thanks

denise - thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed her story

babooshka - mia says thanks :)

sylvia - thank you!! I love seeing her happy

linda - I'm so glad her eyes are healthy again

magiceye - thanks :)

manz - one wrong move with cats can make then skittish for so long so I'm always careful not to interfere much :)

storyteller - thanks - loved the puppies this week

sue - I adore anyone who takes in rescues!! I'll never understand why more people don't

teena - thanks :)

jackie - it makes me happy to see her improve - thanks
hope you had a nice weekend trip

misty - you've got such a soft heart :)

mamapippa - mia sends hugs right back

CWH - thanks :)

nonizamboni - I'm so glad you were touched by Mia's story - thank you so much

fishing guy - I love when her eyes come out in photos - thanks :)

Tootie said...

Awe...I love her little, upside down heart face. That is a face I could never say no to. :-)

fermicat said...

A big huge happy birthday to Miss Mia! What a lovely girl.

Joyoz said...

Oh so adorable and the green eyes amazing. Happy birthday Mia.

Gallery Juana said...

Beautiful and heart-warming. Bless you for adopting Mia.

Patti said...

Mia is such a sweetie. I can see the transformation in her, thanks to living with her loving adoptive mom.

Our two were quite pathetic and scared when they arrived 13 months ago, hiding under the bed for what seemed like months, just coming out for food and litter stuff.

They are cured now, I'm happy to report. They rule the roost.
They are both watching me as I type this, as if they knew I was talking about them!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh yes - happy birthday pretty Mia. What a lovely story, so lucky you found one another. I love cats and have had similar experiences!

Thank you for visiting my blog. A

Dianne said...

tootie - she does have quite an expressive face :)
she has my son wrapped around her little paw

fermicat - Mia says thanks and sends kisses to you and your guys :)

joyoz - thanks :)

gallery - thanks :)
I wish I had more room and resources, I would adopt more

patti - of course they know!! I swear they read minds
Mia sends love to all

strawberry - thanks :)
animal people are special people

Lapa37 said...

She is a beautiful kitty I also have a shy cat.He only comes out of my bedroom when no one but me is home.Thanks for the visit.

Ivanhoe said...

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Bob-kat said...

Aww, bless her. I just love the picture with Mia in the foreground and Siren perched on the chest of draws in the background.

Willard said...

Wonderful photos. It is good to read about a successful rescue!

lisaschaos said...

Happy Birthday to Mia! She's adorable!

Carletta said...

She is such a sweet looking kitty!
And, we share a birthday - way cool.

Dianne said...

lapa37 - ahhhh a shy guy :)

ivanhoe - mia sends hugs

bob-kat - thanks!! I love that shot - it really sums up their relationship ;)

willard - thank you so much :)

lisachaos - thanks :)

carletta - I hope you had a wonderful day - I saw your flowers, they were gorgeous

Rach (Heart of Rachel) said...

Happy Birthday to Mia. I enjoyed seeing her photos. She's very lucky to have found a wonderful home and loving people.

CrystalChick said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!!! What a beautiful girl! Your babies are now blessed with a good life. You're wonderful, Dianne! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely series. Your cat is beautiful.

Tina said...

love the progression pictures. glad shes ok now. happy brithday Mia!