Thursday, February 5, 2009

Triple Tagged

I'm not joining SEPIA SCENES this week. I just don't have anything I think is good enough to share. I encourage you to check out the others - sepia is a beautiful photo treatment and the photographers who post each week are very talented.

It does give me a chance to catch up on the 3 photo tags I got saddled - uh - honored with this week -

It's simple and actually fun because it gets you to look at photos you may have forgotten. All I had to do was go to the 6th photo in the 6th archive folder and post it.

But of course nothing is simple. Not with me.

I have folders all over the place - hard drive, server, laptop, flash drive - not to mention all the photos I take using film - they're on zip discs and CDs.

So --- I chose my 2006 flash drive. The 6th folder in there was my trip to Boston in October of '06.

I chose the 6th photo for PAGAN, and check out her PHOTO BLOG too. She just burst out of the gate with her photos and every single day her shots are amazing works of art.
This photo is one of the entrances to the Christian Science Center - I loved the fall foliage peeking thru the columns.

I chose the 4th photo in this same album for SPARTACUS. His tag asked for 4th rather than 6th because that is just how my homey Sparty rolls.
This is a view from the line waiting to board one of Boston's many tours of the bay.

For PINK I chose the 6th photo within the 6th folder on my laptop. Pink also has a PHOTO BLOG. Her photos are as lovely as she is. She's such a gentle soul.
Here we have Siren on top of the dresser waiting to pounce on Mia when she comes out from under the bedspread. Good Times!

I never tag people but I encourage you to go check out your archives. It's fun to rediscover an old photo.


bobbie said...

All great photos. I especially love the one of Siren. The building with columns was perfect for Pagan.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, Boston. Both shots are gorgeous. I'm due there for a visit with SG2. And that photo of Mia is stunning. I love that purple tone in it. I wish I knew how to do that stuff. I've been experimenting but I learn very slowly!

You are too kind with your compliments about my photos. I just go around framing what I see in the best way I can. If I begin to focus on a certain subject such as landscapes, I quickly get bored. So I'm all over the place. I guess there is a strong need in me to create SOMETHING and this is what I am able to do. Thank you.

I luvs ya! You always wanna play!

Daryl said...

I did this when it was the 4th folder ... everything is going up!

maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, this all sounds very complicated and you think your pix are all over the place? What's a folder? Ha! :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I have photos in different places too. This would be way too complicated for me to do. ;-) I wore myself out just thinking about it!

Leora said...

The CS bldg in Boston is a great work of art. I haven't been there in many years, but you did a beautiful job of capturing a piece of it. I grew up near Boston, so the harbor has memories for me, too.

Anonymous said...

I tried to do one of those photo tags, but it got so complicated. You did a great job..I don't tag people anymore as I hate to give anyone something to do that they don't want to...That reminds me that I do have a tag to what was it and you was it from....Michelle

Dianne said...

bobbie - Siren has a great profile :)

pagan - I get the need to create, it's really saving me right now

daryl - that killed me

mary - lol!
I have to have folders, that much I manage to be good about

EG - I know! but you could just cheat, we wouldn't tell ;)

leora - thanks! I love Boston, a great place to visit

RW - I stopped tagging people a long time ago. If they want to do it they will :)

Nicole said...

I did this one a short while back. Had to bend the rules a bit, cause of my sorting system ;)

Lovely shots. You make me want to hit the road again. :D

Dianne said...

nicole - rules are made to be bent ;)
I always want to hit the road

Terry said...

I am always looking for your kitty pictures Dianne.
And there is that Siren. I think that Siren is the boss around your place.
I have been going through a couple of my external drives.
You know, Bernie and I always laugh when somebody asks us if we have any children.
"No", Bernie says, "but we have eight external drives".,,,Ha!
I have found some real neat pictures. Maybe I should make a post of them, eh?
Maybe you should too....
You will have lots of time on Saturday because you don't need the day to celebrate Valentines Day!
Ha!!!...Love Terry