Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Foto: Girls to the Left, Boys to the Right

This high school was built in ...

A long time resident of the town told me that at one time girls and boys had separate entrances ...


bobbie said...

We had separate entrances in grade school. How stupid! But in class we sat boy-girl-boy-girl. Johnny Woods always liked putting my pigtail in the inkwell.

Four Dinners said...

Great pics babe! Takes me back to my youth.

I went to an English Grammar School. The 'Boys' school was one half of the huge edifice and the 'Girls' the other. The schools were internally seperated by a huge door.

We were not supposed to commune.

I was suspended twice for shagging girls in the army cadet truck which was always parked on the unooficial border between the two Grammar schools.

Oh happy memories!

...or possibly mammaries in a way...;-)

Thank you very much for that.

Sharon Davison and Valerie Smith! You hussy's you!...;-)

Kiki said...

Very cool the faces!

Daryl said...

Nice .. I think we had to 'line up' and walk into school from the school yard (totally cement top) ... amazing how many memories I still have of school but not of how I went into the buildings .. hummmmmmm

We love Luna said...

wow it's amazing and more impressive it's true.And nowadays we are all together!
Adorable pictures and so interesting post.
have a nice Sunday!
Léia :)
and little Luna

Patti said...

Love the old architecture. I was kinda silly having two entrances, but I notice some of the old school buildings around here have that too.

It was a different time and place.

Patti said...

*I meant It was kinda silly!

Stine in Ontario said...

It seems so strange now that boys and girls had separate entrances, doesn't it?