Friday, December 19, 2008

Looking at the Sky on Friday

This is my first time participating in this new weekly sky project. Crazy Working Mom is hosting.

Follow the link to check out more sky shots and to read about why CWM started the project. I think it's a great idea. LOOKING AT THE SKY ON FRIDAY

I was the mall last week when the skies really started to change quickly.

The birds were just hanging out and then even they decided to take off - except for these 2 die hard winter lovers.


Linda said...

Those are some pretty ominous clouds you've got there but I love looking at the darker skies myself. Did you get a big storm after all of these clouds moved in?

bobbie said...

Wow! I hope those two left before they got blown away.

Dianne said...

linda - it rained a bit and got very windy and then it was nice again - it was around the same day as the day we broke the record for temps in the 60s in December!!

bobbie - I know! they looked so small and alone

Cherie said...

I love the look of beams of sunlight streaming through thick clouds. Awesome.

And man, yesterday, I saw about 100 birds all lined up on a wire, and just like that they (and 900 of their closest friends) can be swarming overhead. You talk about ominous. lol

Sandra Carvalho said...

That sky looks spooky!Gorgeous pics thou!I love stormy skies!
Thanks for coming by! ;)
Take care.

dlyn said...

Hi Dianne - nice photos - and you won something over on my blog - come and send me your address!

splummer said...

Those are some wicked looking clouds!! Have a great weekend.


pink dogwood said...

nice - we have been seeing too many gray days lately - I want tomorrow to be sunny - please :)

happily retired gal said...

Our skies have changed suddenly too for several days. I made two collages and shared on two different blogs today ... just because.
Hugs and blessings,

ramblingwoods said...

Any photos with birds are good with me..very dramatic.

Amazing Gracie said...

Love the dark skies! Since we're technically in a drought, those rain clouds can come our way!

magiceye said...

beautiful captures especially the 1st one!

Ralph said...

Like another recent photo, I like seeing the rays of sun and the slight blue to see the optimism that just lies beyond the dark gray clouds. I am not a philosopher, but try always to see the clarity of the good about to happen...You are a great judge of photographic talent!

Dianne said...

cherie - I love dark skies - period - and yes, when you add in the hope of light to come it is just beautiful :)

sandra - I love spooky skies too, thanks for returnng the visit :)

dlyn - thanks for my prize!! that's so cool

sherrie - you too! :)

pink - it is very stormy here, has been for a couple of days. right now there is about an inch of ice all over my walk and drive and car - OY!

happily retired - I have to come check out the photos :)

rambling - I must admit I used to be afraid of birds before I really started to watch their actions - how social they are, how hard they work and how fragile they are. now I adore them :)
that's a lesson for life eh?

amazing gracie - I wish I could send some - we have had several large storms - flooding and then ice.

magiceye - thanks :)

ralph - what a nice thing to say, thanks!!

Mojo said...

Sounds an awful lot like SkyWatch Friday... only with more words.

How much time elapse between these shots? I've seen skies turn from merely grim to downright menacing before, and in a big hurry too. But I'm curious just how long it took for it to happen in this case.

The second shot is really cool. Like the last two kids left at the party who've been trying to work up the nerve to talk to each other all night and now they're alone with the perfect opportunity. Will they finally get on with it? Or will they smile shyly, make small talk about what a fun party it was, say goodnight and go their separate ways -- kicking themselves all the way home for not making the advance when they had the chance?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Dianne said...

mojo - I love your analogy about the 2 birds, very poetic
there was less than 10 minutes between shots. I took the 1st shot just as I went into the store for shampoo. I loved all the birds hanging out
when I came out I noticed the sky as I got in my car, that's why the perspective is a bit farther away and a different view of the mall's facade, I was looking over to the right to see where all the birds might have gone but it was just these 2 wall flowers ;)

Pagan Sphinx said...

Very dramatic skies and I love how there are the birds in the first photo and the division in the wall in the second. Nice shots!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! So dramatic. I love the sunray's. Lisa

BABYLONEZOO (France) said...

merci du passage et du commentaire sur la photo, joyeux noël à vous

dot said...

Your skies look interesting! I think I may join in this project in 2009.

Rosebud Collection said...

My favorite thing to look at is the sky..I am always taking pictures of it..It is so much fun and you never know what will happen..Your shots are wonderful..

Dianne said...

pagan - I had to move over a bit to get the full impact of the dark clouds and didn't realize I had the rood break til later
wish I could say I planned it ;)

lisa - thanks!! the sunrays were wonderful

babylonezoo - merci :)

dot - I like it! it's so much more manageable and relaxed :)

rosebud - I feel the same - at this time of year the sky changes so quickly

maryt/theteach said...

Marvelous shots, Dianne! I like this new meme hosted by Tish! :)

Patti said...

It sure looks like something is on its way in these two photos. Great capture!

I like the dark clouds and the feeling of mystery they convey.

Like Mary, I also like this new meme Tish has created.

Dianne said...

mary - thanks :)

patti - I love dark clouds!!

crazy working mom said...

Thanks for playing, Dianne. I appreciate your support! :)

Great "before and after" shots.

Happy Holidays.

Dianne said...

CWM - you're welcome
I think more and more people will join in after the holiday rush
Have a wonderful holiday :)