Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday: Along the Fence

I took these last month. It was an especially nice day and I walked a bit along the fence of a nearby park. It amazes me how the sky can present two different views within just a few feet

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I haven't been visiting as much or responding to each comment as I normally do. I already spilled my guts over on my other blog, I'll spare you guys the details. I hope to be back to my "normal" self soon.

I appreciate every visit and comment and value all my blogger friends - sometimes life is just so daily.


Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

The two photos seem to symbolize how life can be. I hope you can see clear days soon.

Jim said...

Hi Dianne, my vote is for the bottom picture. I like lots of blue, sky blue is my favorite color. I guess it is cheerful seeming.

I'm sorry about your leg acting up again. I did a little self pity about my foot on my Sky Looking post as well, about my foot vs. walking.
It helps to mention sometimes, the blogger sympathy is great!

And congrats on the new grandchild. You can see I'm not keeping up with you guys [;-).
July 31 is headed at us fast, our daughter finally may spring with a kid! She is almost too old for that so we hope and pray a lot. Plus this one is in vitro, it seemed to work.

I'm doing taxes but took a break for Sky Looking. I have procrasted for it and RR for quite a while now, June 1 is my 'back to normal' target date.

Daryl said...

Pretty ... love the lavender and the light blue

Norm said...

love those wonderful blue skies photos of yours dianne, great shot!!!

bobbie said...

Beautiful skies. Must have been a beautiful day.

Petula said...

These photos are beautiful! I'm going to post mine soon. Have a great weekend and I hope everything is going much better. I really like the way you put that: "Life is so daily." SIGH!

Misty Dawn said...

That first shot is gorgeous - it looks as if the clouds have a purple tint to them! (my favorite color hehe) Beautiful for sure!

Patti said...

I also saw the purple in the sky in the first photo..lovely.

I haven't been visiting much either. We all understand how daily life can get in the way.

Enjoy your weekend, Dianne.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Great views. Thanks for sharing.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It is amazing how variable the sky can be, isn't it?

Happily Retired Gal said...

Both are wonderful shots but the first is my favorite. I've not been visiting much either ... posting less often too, but I'm hoping to get back into the habit. Hopefully I'll get to your other blog soon.
Hugs and blessings,

CrAzY Working Mom said...

It is amazing how quickly the sky can change as well! Nicely captured. I hope you enjoyed your walk.

Thanks for playing.